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Silverstone Zeus 1350 W Review

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We would like to thank Silverstone for supplying the review sample.

Lightning bolts and thunder introduce the new Zeus ZM1350 PSU from Silverstone, and, yes, it will take the top spot in their line-up of PSU offerings. This unit brings Silverstone's top-of-the-line series called "Zeus" back to life after four years. The new ZM1350 promises, besides its high capacity that can be delivered at extra-high ambient temperatures, tight voltage regulation (Silverstone speaks of 1%, which is exceptional for this category), low ripple and noise on all rails, and high enough efficiency to make it compatible with the 80 Plus Silver certification. But those are not the only aces up its sleeve since it utilizes a fully modular cabling-design for optimal cable-management. Its additional features will also thrill all hard-core overclockers: user accessible voltage adjustment pots for all three major rails (+12V, 5V and 3.3V), a characteristic that we have come across in other commercial PSU, and, on its rear, a switch which converts the six +12V rails into a powerful single rail. Another switch on the front of the PSU enables the fan's turbo mode.

Silverstone apparently put a lot of effort into their new Zeus ZM1350 unit in an attempt to make a strong comeback to the high-end category of PSUs. Nevertheless, some specifications still look a little outdated; that is, "only" having a Silver efficiency-certification means that it cannot compete with its competition's Platinum levels, the +12V rail can't deliver the full power of the unit, its extra-long width is not a boon, and a small 80 mm fan is an unusual choice for such a unit. But we shouldn't draw any quick conclusions until the Chromas reveals the unit's true potential.

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