Soundgraph Hummin' 3.03 & Finger VU 1016W Review 8

Soundgraph Hummin' 3.03 & Finger VU 1016W Review

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I would like to thank Soundgraph for supplying the review sample.

Soundgraph may not be so well known to the end user, but the company looks back on years of experience in HTPC products. In fact, you will find Soundgraph technology in all major HTPCs from Silverstone, Thermaltake, Zalman, Antec - just to name a few. We have reviewed many of their products in the past and now have the pleasure to review their first HTPC chassis. The Hummin' 3.03 along with the FingerVU 1016W. While we have reviewed their touchscreen based monitors in the past, the new 1016W is unique as it is the first and only wireless touchscreen monitor on the market today.

You may opt for the Hummin' 3.03 chassis, which is shaped in such a way so that you may install the FingerVU 1016 directly on the case, or choose the display along with a docking station. This is great in case you already own a HTPC for example and just want the wireless functionality. We will be looking at the chassis and monitor, along with the docking station called "FingerVU 1016D". All of these are available in white or black - we received the former for this review.

Hummin' 3.03
Available ColorsWhite or Black
Drive Bays 5.25" x 2 / Internal 3.5" x 1
Form Factor Mini-ITX
Expansion Slots 1
Case Fans Rear: 80 mm Fan x 1
Dimensions315 x 260 x 274 (mm)
Weight4.6 kg
SwitchesPower / Reset
Front I/O9 in 1 Memory card slot, 1 USB 2.0 port, 2 audio ports, 1 monitor dock slot
Top I/O1 Wireless USB Dongle port, 1 monitor dock slot
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