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I would like to thank Spire for supplying the review sample

To give you an idea about the company and it's views, their company profile is called "Spire-Powered by Innovation" and begins as follows:
Founded in 1991, Spire is a leading premier brand for computer thermal solutions, power supplies and pc cases. In order to meet the needs and demands of the global market, we have established our production facilities in China and corporate office located in the USA. Our overseas branches are located in The Netherlands, The U.K, Germany, France, Taiwan, Japan and Brazil. All locations are located strategically to better work with the customers we serve.

Spire ideals, to which our employees give full recognition, are (1) constantly striving to become stronger, (2) being sincere and active and (3) seeking the latest innovative technology. After years of hard work and dedication in running its business, Spire today is a major presence in three major business fields: computer thermal solutions, power supplies and pc cases. It has received full recognition in its products as well as its services.

The Spire Pininfarina is available in four colors. We received the one with the silver front.


ColorRed / Blue / Silver / Black
Materials6.0mm Aluminum Alloy Bezel & 1.0mm Metal SECC Galvanized Steel Chassis & Plastic
Drive Bays 3 visible ~ 1 hidden
2 visible ~ 4 hidden
Form Factor ATX
Expansion Slots 7 standard slots
Case Cooling 3x 80x80x25mm fans (rear included, right included, left not included) 1x 120x120x25mm (front included) 1x 120 Fan Duct (left included)
Dimensions & Weight495x200x450mm (L x W x H) & 13.50 K.G
SwitchesPower, Reset
Front Access

USB 2.0 x 2 | MIC x 1 | Earphone jack x 1 | IEEE 1394 x 1

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