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Sunbeam Silent Storm Review

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I would like to thank CrazyPC for providing the review sample.

Sunbeam Tech was founded in 2000. They specialize in computer accessories, and some hardware. Sunbeam is known for their case lights and cooling products, including the well known Tuniq Tower. Most of Sunbeam’s products focus on cooling PC components, and quietness. Other products that they make include fan controllers, power supplies, keyboards and mice.

Today, we’ll be looking at Sunbeam’s Silent Storm case. The name is an oxymoron, as storms are quite loud. The name also suggests cooling while maintaining quietness, both Sunbeam’s main goals.


  • Tool free installation for 5.25”, 3.5”, hard drives and expansion cards
  • Optional acrylic window.
  • 3x120mm fans (including Core fan)
  • Front USB and Audio
  • 5.25" Drives Bay x 5
  • 3.5" Drives Bay x 5 ( External x 2 + Internal x 3 )


The box came in pretty good shape. There was a dent in the box, but the case turned out in perfect condition. As with most other cases, the Silent Storm arrived in a plastic bag and Styrofoam holding ends. The box also had a convenient plastic handle, but again, this is expected, nothing out of the ordinary.
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