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Super Flower Golden King 1000 W Review

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We would like to thank Super Flower for supplying the review sample.

Super Flower according to their "About us" page is a professional switching power supply and computer case manufacturer in mainland China, with their headquarters located in the Taiwan area. The company was established in 1991, so it has spent quite a few years in this business. They also state that they can even design custom-made PSUs to meet any customer's requirements, if the existing products do not cover their needs. This sounds pretty interesting!

We have reviewed already three of Super Flower's products in the past, here at TPU, the Golden Silent 500W and the Kingwin LZP-550 Lazer Platinum 550W and Stryker Fanless 500W which are made by Super Flower. All of the above PSUs left with an Editor's Choice award from our labs and this clearly shows that Super Flower units are among the best in today's market. We also shouldn't forget that the same company was the first to release a Platinum unit, the Golden King 550W.

The Golden King series, despite the word "Golden" in its name, consists exclusively of Platinum efficiency units with capacities ranging from 500W to 1000W. Today we have the chance to test the strongest of them all, the Golden King 1000W or SF-1000P14PE which is its model number. This PSU features a semi-fanless operation so it is totally inaudible at low loads and on top of that, by reducing the fan's rotation, its lifespan is significantly increased. Also it utilizes a semi-modular cabling design, is ErP Lot 6 2010 compliant and it has a single +12V rail.

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