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Super Flower Leadex Platinum 2000 W Review

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We would like to thank Super Flower for supplying the review sample.

Super Flower's impact on the PSU market has been quite significant within the last couple years, their products scoring a very high price-to-performance ratio that puts a lot of pressure on the competition, which makes consumers happy since such competition leaves them with more choice. In an effort to showcase their new platform capable of Titanium efficiency with up to 1.6 kW, Super Flower has now released a PSU for extreme overclockers with a capacity of 2 kW (unofficially, it can go even higher), which is enough to easily handle multiple overclocked high-end VGAs. Even 1 kW is too much for most users and enthusiasts usually only need 1.2 kW or so at most. So far, 1.6 kW has been the roof for PSUs and extreme overclockers sometimes had to use two of them, one for their VGAs and another for the rest of the system. Such won't be the case with the new Leadex Platinum 2 kW since we believe it to be strong enough to cover everyone's needs and any situation. The only compromise is that it has to run off 230 VAC mains since it would need much more than the 15 A 115 VAC mains can deliver.

The 2 kW Leadex unit shares many features with its smaller brother, so it is fully modular and uses the same enclosure. The platform inside is the same as in the Leadex Titanium 1.6 kW and the EVGA P2 and G2 PSUs. However, some component changes allow this PSU to deliver more than 2 kW under extremely tough conditions. Super Flower definitely made a point with this product as it is currently the strongest desktop PSU money can buy. Since modern Nvidia GPUs also consume significantly less power than their predecessors, many will argue about whether such a high-wattage PSU actually has a use. The truth is that even four Nvidia GTX980/970 VGAs won't draw no more than 1.2 kW under normal stock conditions; however, experienced overclockers know that some components, once pushed to their limits, can consume a ton of power, and this is where PSUs like the Leadex one we will evaluate today come into play. The Leadex Platinum 2 kW simply isn't a PSU normal or even enthusiast users would purchase for their system, but it will be the ultimate tool for a hardcore overclocker looking to break those world records with multiple VGAs without having to use two PSUs.

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