Super Flower Leadex Gold 750 W Review 2

Super Flower Leadex Gold 750 W Review

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We would like to thank Super Flower for supplying the review sample.

Super Flower is inevitably one of the best PSU manufacturers today, and their fresh Leadex platform pushes them even closer to the top because the company managed to combine top quality and performance with affordable pricing, which is extremely rare. They were also smart enough to not only offer the Leadex platform in its native Platinum efficiency as the company rolled out their Gold-certified version with slightly lower efficiency but a better price. The Leadex Gold series currently consists of five units with capacities ranging from 650 W to 1300 W. We will evaluate the 750 W unit today; it can support up to two high-end VGAs with its four PCIe connectors.

The Leadex Gold 750 W is available in two colors, black and white, with the second color looking absolutely amazing! Like all members of its series, it is 80 Plus Gold certified, features a fully modular cabling design with SF’s patented crystal-cube connectors, which are LED lighted, and comes with the option to switch between auto-fan and ECO mode, where the fan only spins up at higher loads/temperatures. This unit's price is good considering, but it is unfortunately very close to the offerings of other rebranded SF products. A few more euros will get you a product with the same platform that lacks all the extra bells and whistles, but has a capacity of 1 kW. The companies that sell rebranded SF units apparently offer such products at affordable prices while forcing SF to sell their own retail units at slightly higher prices so as not to compete with the OEM, which would explain the low availability of SF products; you won't find any unless you pick NZXT, Rosewill, or EVGA in the US, and there is only one distributor for SF products in Europe. This situation will hopefully change once SF increases production without compromising on quality or price.

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