Team Group MP34 M.2 NVMe SSD 512 GB Review 14

Team Group MP34 M.2 NVMe SSD 512 GB Review

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Team Group is a well-known Taiwanese memory and flash storage maker with a long history of catering to the needs of users from all over the globe. Today, we have for review the Team Group MP34 M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD in the 512 GB version.

The drive uses the compact M.2 form factor with a PCI-Express x4 connection to the rest of the system. Phison's brand-new E12 controller is used, paired with Toshiba 3D TLC flash chips. Rounding off the package is a 256 MB DDR3 DRAM chip to store the flash mapping tables.

The MP32 is available in capacities of 256 GB ($42), 512 GB ($80), and 1 TB ($160). Endurance is rated at 380 TB, 800 TB and 1,660 TB respectively. At this price level, the MP34 is barely more expensive than most high-performance SATA drives, making it one of the most affordable options to jump on the M.2 PCI-Express NVMe train.

Specifications: Team Group MP34 512 GB
Brand:Team Group
Capacity:512 GB (477 GB usable)
No additional overprovisioning
Controller:Phison PS5012-E12-27
Flash:Toshiba 15 nm, 64-layer 3D TLC
DRAM:Nanya DDR3-1866 256 MB
Endurance:800 TBW
Form Factor:M.2 2280
Interface:PCIe Gen 3 x4, NVMe 1.3
Device ID:TEAM TM8FP4512G
Warranty:3 years
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