Team Group Vulcan G 1 TB SSD Review - Just 8 Cents per GB 36

Team Group Vulcan G 1 TB SSD Review - Just 8 Cents per GB

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Team Group is a well-known Taiwanese memory and flash storage maker with a long history of catering to the needs of users from all over the globe. Today, we have a review of the Team Group Vulcan G SSD, which is targeted at the entry-level segment and upgraders who are replacing their old mechanical HDDs.

We previously reviewed the Team Group Vulcan SSD, which delivered solid performance at affordable pricing. The new Team Group Vulcan G is an even more affordable drive, reaching previously unthinkable price points for SSDs, but some compromises had to be made.

The Vulcan G is built around a Silicon Motion SM2258XT G controller, paired with 3D TLC flash chips from Toshiba, a DRAM-chip is not installed.

The Team Group Vulcan G is available in capacities of 512 GB ($50) or 1 TB ($80). Endurance for these models is set at 400 TBW and 800 TBW respectively. Team Group includes a three-year warranty.

Specifications: Team Group Vulcan G 1 TB SSD
Brand:Team Group
Capacity:1024 GB (953 GB usable)
No additional overprovisioning
Controller:Silicon Motion SM2258XT G
Flash:Toshiba 64-Layer TLC
Endurance:800 TBW
Form Factor:SATA 2.5", 7 mm
Interface:SATA 6 Gbps
Warranty:3 years
Price at Time
of Review:
$80 / 8 cents per GB
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