Outer Worlds Benchmark Test & Performance Analysis 67

Outer Worlds Benchmark Test & Performance Analysis

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The Outer Worlds, by Obsidian Entertainment is a futuristic first-person action-RPG that's set in a dystopian future in which corporations have become mega-corporations and started colonizing and terraforming planets in star systems they own. In order to travel the large distances in space, workers are put into cryosleep for several years before having to go to work. You are one such worker, trapped in a vessel stranded in space due to its failed hyperdrive and woken up to help rescue the other shipmates.

Outer Worlds tries to be more of a real RPG than other similar releases in this genre. Think of a mix of Fallout, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age with some Skyrim sprinkled on top of that. Under the hood, Outer Worlds uses Epic's Unreal Engine 4 with the DirectX 11 API. While graphics are not nearly as good as in Borderlands 3, the game is demanding on hardware. In this review, we put it through our collection of 23 graphics cards across three key resolutions—1080p, 1440p, and 4K Ultra HD—to show you what you need to get this title on the road, which could well become GOTY for the RPG genre.
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