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Thermaltake Big Typhoon Review

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It is amazing that Thermaltake has been around for only seven years. It seems like computer users have been using their products longer than that. For me it seems ages ago when I bought my first Thermaltake heatsink: a Golden Orb. From there I bought memory cooling kits, a Blue Orb, and a Volcano 7. I have been pleased with all the Tt products I’ve used (and abused), and continue to buy them today. All of the case fans in my current system are Tt Thunderblade fans and would recommend them to anyone.
A while back Thermaltake introduced the Big Typhoon, and the hardware community was stunned and amazed by this monster. The Big Typhoon was not the first heatpipe heatsink available, but it was one of the first with six pipes, and one of the first with a huge 120mm fan. Thermaltake seems to always be aware of the overclocking community’s need for high performance. So, why don’t we take a look at this beast and see what it can do?

From the Thermaltake website:

  • Application for Intel P4 LGA 775, and AMD K7, K8
  • 6 Heatpipes, transfer the heat quickly
  • High density aluminum fins provide more surface area for good heat dissipation
  • Copper base solder, perfect contact to ensure the best performance
  • 12 cm silent fan, perform well at low noise, 16dB only


The package is the plastic clam-shell type. No blister packs and no need for sharp objects to get the heatsink out. The package is easy to open and reseal, just in case for some reason you might need to reuse the packaging someday. On the front is the traditional red and black color scheme we have seen from Thermaltake for a while now, and the huge 120mm fan is staring at you right from the middle. Flip the package over and you can see some nice color pictures of everything included in the kit, and the specs are listed as well.

Included in the package are the heatsink itself and a small black box containing the mounting hardware.
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