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Thermaltake Blue Orb II Review

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From the manufacturer Thermaltake:
  • Radiate aluminum blue fin provide sufficient air flow.
  • Copper core touches the heat center directly and conducts heat quickly.
  • Silent Fan with blue LED, 17dBA only.
  • Universal design for Intel P4 LGA775 & AMD K8.
Heatsink Dimensions140 x 66 mm
Fan Dimensions113 x 24 mm
Heatsink MaterialCopper Core & Aluminum Extrusion (140Fin)
Fan Voltage12V, 7V startup
Power Input3.00W, 3 Pin connector
Fan Speed1700 RPM +- 10%
Air FlowMax. 77.85 cfm, max. 1.80 mm H2O
Noise17 dbA
Life time30,000 hours (= ~ 3.5 years)


Box contents:
  • CPU Cooler
  • Bag with mounting parts for Socket LGA775
  • Bag with mounting parts for Socket 939
  • Backside mounting plate for Socket 939
  • Thermal grease
  • Instruction manual

We recently reviewed the Thermaltake Golden Orb II (review here).
The Blue Orb II is even bigger than this massive cooler, its diameter is 2 cm more.

The contact area of the heatsink base is very flat, but has some very minor scratches, which will certainly not affect cooling performance.

Three blue LEDs light up the fan when it is running.
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