Thermaltake SpinQ Review 24

Thermaltake SpinQ Review

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Testing methodology:
For idle temperatures the PC is run at idle for 3 hours and temperature is measured using Realtemp 3.4. For load temperatures Prime95 is run using the "In-place large FFTs" test for 3 hours then temperature is measured again with Realtemp. Ambient temperature was kept to 23° Celsius (+/- 1°C) and was measured by a standard mercury thermometer.

The system being used to test the heatsink is as follows:
CPU:Inte Pentium D 805
Clock speed:2.66 GHz, Memory at DDR2-800
Motherboard:MSI P6N Diamond
Memory:2x 2GB OCZ DDR2-1066
Video Card:eVGA N-6200LE PCI-e
Harddisk:5 x 40GB Seagate SATA drives in raid 5
Power Supply:Silverstone 1000W
Case:Lian Li PC-A10B
Software:Windows Vista Business SP2

Fan Noise

The SpinQ utilizes a blower type fan. At lower speeds the fan is relatively quiet but when ran at 100% it is a bit louder than a typical 120 mm fan found on most CPU coolers on the market today. With the adjustment knob that Thermaltake has included with the unit, adjusting the fan speed to your liking is pretty easy. I found that for everyday use approximately 60% fan speed is optimal for my ears. Depending on your sound comfort level you can adjust it accordingly.
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