Thermaltake Toughpower XT Gold 1375 W Review 1

Thermaltake Toughpower XT Gold 1375 W Review

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We would like to thank Thermaltake for supplying the review sample.

The Toughpower XT series until recently included only medium-capacity units, with 80 PLUS Bronze efficiency. Strangely enough, Thermaltake decided to extend this product line with three new high-end units that not only offer high efficiency levels, but are extremely powerful, too. This makes the Toughpower XT series very uneven since, on the one hand, we have the older models with Bronze level efficiency and capacities ranging from 575 W to 875 W, while, on the other hand, we have the new models with capacities ranging from 1275 W to 1475 W and efficiency levels that meet the 80 PLUS Gold and Platinum requirements. Thermaltake could have easily created a new series including only these three new units, but, apparently, it didn’t want another new line into its arsenal or, simply, it didn't wish to dethrone the current flagship product, the Toughpower Grand series.

In this review, we are going to fully evaluate the Thermaltake Toughpower XT 1375 W or TPX-1375M, a powerful PSU with 80 PLUS Gold efficiency and modular design. Here we should note that, although, currently, the 80 PLUS Gold certification is second best behind Platinum, it is not easy at all for a high-capacity unit to meet the Gold requirements simply because as power increases energy losses increase too, leading unavoidably to reduced efficiency especially at higher loads.

The other notable features of the TPX-1375M include a high operational temperature rating, meaning that the unit can deliver its full power continuously even up to 50°C internal chassis temperature, and the S.P.T. indicator, which via three LEDs informs the user when the PSU is in standby mode and also monitors the PG signal and the internal temperature of the unit. Finally, the TPX-1375M uses cutting-edge technology to achieve high performance/efficiency including a full bridge topology along with an LLC converter on the primary side and it also utilizes high-quality Japanese electrolytic caps along with solid state ones.

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