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Thortech Thunderbolt Plus 1200 W Review

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We would like to thank Thortech for supplying the review sample.

Thortech is a company currently focused only on the high-end PSU market since all of their products share top characteristics, with the "Plus" models also featuring a gadget called iPower meter. Although we will elaborate more on the iPower meter later in this review, for those wondering, it is a device that mounts in a 5.25" bay and provides various useful information like efficiency, voltage readings, DC Watts etc. Although the iPower meter has an impact on the final price, many users will find it useful and no other company has presented something similar, so Thortech has an ace up their sleeves.

Today we will test the Thortech Thunderbolt Plus 1200W (or TTBPK20G which is its model number). This unit has a single +12V rail which can output up to 100A, a very high level of current that will easily feed almost everything you throw at it. Besides the huge power the TTBPK20G has high efficiency, since it is 80 Plus Gold certified, it is equipped with numerous connectors and it uses only Japanese capacitors in its internals, both polymer and electrolytic ones. The Japan made caps along with the double-ball bearings fan and the five year warranty ensure a long peace of mind to the future buyer. Finally the price is on the high side but don't forget that a device like the iPower meter doesn't come cheap since, besides its development cost, it incorporates many features that need extra components with some of them housed inside the PSU. On the following pages we will also test the power meter's accuracy.

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