Tripowin TC-01 In-Ear Monitors Review - The Budget King! 0

Tripowin TC-01 In-Ear Monitors Review - The Budget King!

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Tripowin is another of those brands very few have heard of, and it only just drew and got attention. Its first IEM release was the TP10, which uses five balanced armature drivers and sold for about $10 per BA at launch and currently sells for $30! until now, the brand had been more popular for its cables than IEMs. Enter the TC-01 with a single dynamic driver per earbud aiming to challenge the status quo of your cheapo bundled earphones. I was not originally going to review these so soon, but the ThieAudio Legacy 2 forced my hand since it needs some more budget comparisons. So here we are then, and thanks again to Tripowin through Lnsoul for sending TechPowerUp a review sample.

There are two color options for the Tripowin TC-01, with the arguably safer silver finish what I have here. That said, if I had my way, I would certainly pick up the purple ones shown above. The shell is the same metal on both, with the silver given a polished finish and the purple a heat treatment for the color that will make it easily distinguishable among a sea of other IEMs. Regardless, this review should be equally applicable to both since the shell exterior should not affect anything else. We begin the review thus and first take a look at the product specifications in the table below.


Tripowin TC-01 In-Ear Monitors
Shell:Polished metal in silver or purple color
Driver Units:10 mm silicon-coated polyurethane diaphragm dynamic driver per ear bud
Sensitivity:104 dB SPL/mW
Frequency Response:20 Hz–20 kHz
Impedance:16 Ω
Noise Isolation:26 dB
Cable Connectors:3.5 mm TRS plug to source + two 0.78 mm 2-pin plugs to earbuds
Cable Length:4 ft/1.2 m
Warranty:One year
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