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Zalman CNPS 9500 LED Review

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I would like to thank Eric of Zalman USA for providing us with this review sample.

Zalman has brought many revolutionary cooling accessories to the market over the years, ranging from fanless watercooling to all-copper CPU/GPU coolers. They even have their own line of power supplies, fan controllers, and headphones. When we hear Zalman we usually think "quiet". But lately through a line of all-copper high performance heatsinks their name is also associated with overclocking.


The CNPS 9500 LED is the first Zalman CPU cooler I have seen come in a box. The box it comes in has graphics depicting how the cooler works, and a performance graph showing how it compares against other coolers.

Above you can see that the cooler itself is easily visible from the outside, if you are shopping in a store, this makes it easier to compare the cooler to other heatsinks, size wise.

Here is the performance comparison graph.

Listed on the box are the manufacturer's specifications for the cooler.

Here we can see some of the graphics images showing different aspects of the cooler.

The cooler itself and a box of accessories are all that’s in the box. The cooler is nicely protected inside its hard plastic shell, and the accessories are nicely stored and organized into bags in the box.
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