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Cougar Revenger Review

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First impressions

At first sight, the mouse looks very similar to its younger brother, the Cougar 550m. The Cougar Revenger shares the body with the 550m, the main differences being the braided cable and the 550m's more colorful casing. The Cougar Revenger also has an upgraded 12.000 DPI sensor (vs. the SDNS-3988 on the 550m, a 6400 DPI sensor).

The Cougar Revenger is connected by the way of a gold-plated USB plug on a regular 1.8 m cable, as opposed to the braided 1.8 m cable on the 550m. For a gaming mouse, the "normal" cable is preferable to a braided cable - although the braided one is less prone to tangling, it can also increase drag, affecting accuracy at both low and high sensitivity. The cable connects to the mouse right next to the left button because the center of the mouse is fully occupied by the large scroll wheel.

Looking at the mouse from the top, the mouse wheel stands out - it's large and features a rubberized grip with grooves for extra control. The mouse wheel is between two plastic support pieces - as opposed to the metal ones on the 550m. Behind it, you can find the button that controls the DPI in the default setting. Cougar calls it a "trigger button", and the company also uses it on their 550 series.

The back of the mouse includes the LED-lit Cougar logo and an LED-lit element below it.

The left side shows two big, programmable buttons, the 3-stage DPI display, and a large rubberized grip. The same rubberized grip can also be found on the right side. Also on the right side, the slight curve that makes the mouse right-handed only can be seen; notice that the light strip on the back is actually U-shaped for some nice LED lighting when the Revenger is viewed from the sides.
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