Everglide DKTBoard Gaming Keyboard 9

Everglide DKTBoard Gaming Keyboard

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A Closer Look

The DKTBoard features a solid aluminum frame. The rear does not bear anything out of the ordinary. The weight of the keyboard is well above average, but the build quality is exceptional, even though the underside is made of plastic. Such an attribute is very important as this keyboard is intended to be taken to LAN parties.

The front has a few Everglide specific features. The overall size of the DKTBoard is very compact, so some of the keys have been rearranged. The space bar also holds the Everglide logo. Taking a look at the left side of the keyboard it becomes apparent where the space saving comes from. The cursor keys have been placed under the right portion of the keyboard keys while the function keys have been spread around. Three of them, the "Print Screen", "Insert" and "Delete" keys are above the backspace, while the Page Up & Page Down are between the Alt and Ctrl keys. This means that there is no Windows key and no properties key at this location.

The rear of the DKTBoard has a sticker at the center which holds the model number, operating voltage and serial number. The two feet are quite simple and can be flipped up to give the keyboard a better angle for typing.

The DKTBoard lights up quite nicely when connected to the USB port. There is a button at the top right corner, to turn the lighting off if not desired. The keyboard looks good when the surroundings are lit up. Anyone who has ever been at a LAN party, knows that it is actually quite dark. The backlight of the DKTBoard is very even and you should be able to see all the keys even at a flat angle.
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