Everglide DKTBoard Gaming Keyboard Review 9

Everglide DKTBoard Gaming Keyboard Review

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The about page of Everglide page gives some insight into the philosophy of the company. Especially the last paragraph sums it up nicely:
Each Everglide product is an epitome of pride and excellence, designed and engineered to enhance the quality of true gaming experience. Everglide will continue to develop products in collaboration with top technology providers as well as some of the best gamers of the world today.

Everglide - For Old Skool Gamers Only.
Today we take a look at their DKTBoard Aluminum Gaming Keyboard. It was created in cooperation with Razer.

  • Ultra Slim Design
  • Durable Aluminum Top Case
  • Instant Response Keycap Structure
  • Soft Touch And Tactile Feedback
  • Optional Backlight Illumination With ON/OFF Switch
  • 8 One-touch Multimedia Hot Keys
  • Compact, Space-Saving Layout


The package of the DKTBoard is very simple. The front shows the input device in all its glory. There is a Razer logo sticker in the right top corner. In the opposite corner are a few highlights of the keyboard. The rear also has an image of the keyboard, along with the features, listed in various languages.

Inside the package you will only find the DKTBoard. There are no manuals, CDs or anything else within the box. The keyboard itself ships in a simple plastic bag to further protect it.
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