NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GTX vs. 7950 GX2 38

NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GTX vs. 7950 GX2

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Game Benchmarks - Prey & Doom 3


I chose to present you Prey benchmarks first, as it is the newest game in the bunch which was tested. At low resolutions with no AF/AA the 7900 GTX takes a small lead to the 7950 GX2. The CPU is definitely the bottleneck in such a situation. As soon as the resolution is increased, the 7950 GX2 takes a 20-25% lead on the 7900 GTX depending on the resolution.

As soon as 8x AF and 8xS AA were turned on in the NVIDIA control Panel the frames of the 7900 GTX were about cut in half at low resolutions, while high resolution only delivered one third of the frames. The 7950 GX2 suddenly became much slower than the less powerful 7900 GTX. It only delivered 20-25% of the frame rates with AA and AF enabled. I ran the test at least 10 times, reinstalled windows and the drivers, but the results did not change. We will see why the card performs so poorly once we take a look at the SLI specific AA and AF setting later.

Doom 3

Once again the frames delivered with no AA/AF turned on, were limited by the CPU. Just at 1920x1200 the 7950 GX2 managed to take a small lead.

As soon as 8xAF and 8xS AA were turned on, the 7950 GX2 one again took the lead, which grew bigger the higher the resolution was set. Doom 3 even became playable at 1920x1200 with 8xAF and 8xS AA.
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