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RHA MA350 In-ears Review

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The Package

The RHA MA350s ship in a small box filled with good stuff.

Considering that these are $39 in-ears, the bundle is really good. You get both a carrying pouch and three different sets of high-quality tips. These are firmer than the ones you get with HiFiMAN products and sound quite a bit better. There is definitely a lot of sound quality potential in trying out different tips.

The tips are all single flange designs and range from small through medium to large. The size steps between the tips are average, so everybody will probably be able to make one of them fit well.

Closer Examination

Design-wise, the MA350s are a bit special. The housings contain a Ø 10mm driver, which is quite a bit larger than what is usually featured for dynamic driver in-ears. HiFiMAN uses 9mm or smaller drivers and so do many of the OEMs on the market. 10mm drivers are usually fitted into earbuds. The housing design is super simple and the canal portion of the in-ear just looks like a trumpet.

There are small logos on the aluminum housings that are colored black and bare metal. The left/right indicators situated on the strain reliefs are very small.

Mini-jacks are quite essential to get right on a set of headphones or in-ears that will be used in the wild. RHA's design is very simple and effective. It is very slim and has a soft, tapered strain relief, which seems like a good compromise between durability and usability.

The trumpet-like sound tube is not something you see everyday. It seems like a very simple approach to get the sound from the 10 mm driver tunneled into the ear.

The y-split is quite bulky and durable. The cable has a stiff braided sleeve on, which is a shame since it is very microphonic, and rubbing is much more audible with a sleeved cable than a plain one. The braided cable jacket only has one real advantage and that is its durability.
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