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Winchip DDR2 1200 MHz 2 GB Kit Review

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A Closer Look

Winchip has shown off the new head spreader at Computex and this high-end memory utilizes the blue variant. Both sides have the Winchip logo, which is actually part of the heatspreader and not a sticker. The memory is fairly large, so you may want to make sure it will fit under large CPU heatsinks.

Winchip has placed a holographic sticker on each module. This way you will know that this is an actual Winchip product. If you look closely the text "Quality Memory" can be seen. Each memory DIMM also has a white sticker with all the needed information on the heatspreader. As you can see this memory is rated for 1200 MHz CL5-5-5-15 at 2.4V (+/-0.1V). Removing this sticker will also void the warranty as the serial number of the memory sticks is also on this sticker.

The headspreaders actually come off quite easily. These use thermal pads, which are not adhesive. While it may not hold as well as tape, it does work quite well, as the heatspreader do just that - spread the heat out. Winchip has a valid reason for not using 3M thermal tape. Curious customers pull the spreaders off, damaging the chips, so Winchip opted for removable heatspreaders, so customer may take a look and may also replace the heat spreaders with different ones.

The bare memory reveals eight chips on either side. These are Micron D9GMH chips.
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