Monday, July 27th 2009

Zalman Intros CNPS9900A LED CPU Cooler

Zalman rolled out its newest CPU cooler, the CNPS9900A LED. This cooler is near-identical to the CNPS9900 LED, with the same dimensions of 94(L) x 131(W) x 152(H) mm, weight of 730 g (1.61 lbs), and an all-copper heat dissipation components design. The differences between the two are that CNPS9900A LED packs a Zalman RC33P resistor cable, and a tube of Zalman's ZM-STG2 thermal compound.

The construction involves a copper CPU contact base from which three heatpipes dissipate heat two two circular copper fin rings on either sides of a blue LED-lit 120 mm fan. Without the RC33P cable, the fan spins at 1000 rpm ~ 2000 rpm, with noise levels of 19.5 dBA ~ 38.0 dBA. But when the RC33P is installed, the speeds and noise outputs are reduced, at 800 rpm ~ 1300 rpm, with noise levels between 18 dBA ~ 28.5 dBA. The ZM-STG2 thermal compound has a thermal conductivity of 4.1 W/mK. 3.5 g of this compound is supplied in a tube. The CNPS9900A LED is compatible with all major sockets including Intel LGA-775, LGA-1156, LGA-1366, and AMD AM2/AM2+/AM3, 939/940, 754. It is expected to be priced at US $64.
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Big Member
Thats a purty cooler. Mmmm Hmmm.
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I'm the only one
Theres not much metal in it,wonder how good it is.
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btarunr said:
The differences between the two are that CNPS9900A LED packs a Zalman RC33P resistor cable, and a tube of Zalman's ZM-STG2 thermal compound.
:wtf:...Why did they have to create a whole new model? couldn't Zalman just have added these two accessories in with the regular CNPS9900? The resistor cable is a good idea, the compound is ok.
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I have always found Zalman's products to be solid and reliable & perform well when used as intended.

They have not always been the TOP of the cooler list - but their prices have always been good, and their performance per $ ratio (In my opinion) has always been top notch.

But Once you go TRUE120 there's no going back - and for me the TRUE is "IT" ... It IS important to remember however, that the TRUE is a lot more expensive than the Zalman, and overall I still rate Zalman's products (Such as this one) pretty high for the average user looking for a good upgrade from stock, without breaking the bank.
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ZALMAN is reliable , yea . The CNPS series are great products and the CNPS9900 is slightly better than a more popular Core Contact Freezer , so this is a good addition . There are not a lot of 100% copper heatsinks out there ...
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Zalmans are definitely solid. I/friends get them for their beauty (yes we're nerdy like that :)).

For 36 bucks, I couldn't go wrong with the Mugen 2, though.
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TPU addict
I like there fans well at least the ones i've tried they shift a lot of air. I'd love to be able make some custom holders for them as they really work.
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