Thursday, August 6th 2009

Core i5 750 Retail Package Unboxed

The folks over at Coolaler and XFastest took one of the first public pictures of the retail packaging of Intel's Core i5 750 processor. The pictures reveal what is typically expected of an Intel retail package: a blue box with branding in the front, a sticker on the bottom-right corner that shows which model it is, windows that let you see the processor and its cooler. Inside, is the usual molded plastic cover that holds the processor and cooler, and some documentation.

The cooler design hasn't changed at all from several previous generations. It consists of a copper base with pre-applied thermal compound. From the base, several forked aluminum fins project radially. Size-wise, the cooler is roughly the same size as that of Core 2 Duo E8000 series processors. One of the first socket LGA-1156 processors to hit the market, the Core i5 750, along with Core i7 860 and 870 (both LGA-1156 processors too), will launch in under 5 weeks from now. More details about the processor can be read in our older article here.

Sources: Coolaler, XFastest
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Mussels said:
the question is obvious there, are 1156 coolers and 1366 coolers compatible?

Personally i dont know. didnt pay that much attention to the leaked motherboard pictures.
No. LGA 1156 is right in the middle of S775 and S1366 holes. So those coolers that are compatible with S775 and S1366 can be also compatible with S1156, like the new Tuniq:

See how the mounting holes can slide. Assuming backplate is identical, then it works with rest of similar coolers on 1156.
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Wonderful, a half-height cooler for this processor.
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Bird of Prey
AMD and Intel really should think about expanding their OEM cooler lineup to something a little better. Just a thought.
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