Thursday, September 10th 2009

GLOBALFOUNDRIES Appoints VP of Marketing

GLOBALFOUNDRIES today announced the appointment of Jim Ballingall as vice president of marketing. In this role, Ballingall will be responsible for developing and implementing marketing solutions and strategies to support the growth of GLOBALFOUNDRIES as it aims to reshape the landscape of the foundry industry.

“The core of the GLOBALFOUNDRIES brand comprises the sum of the unique value propositions that we create, promise, and deliver to our customers,” said Jim Kupec, senior vice president of sales and marketing at GLOBALFOUNDRIES. “As we strive to deliver on our vision and become the world’s first truly global foundry, Jim’s proven foundry industry leadership and experience will help us develop and convey our unique value propositions to customers and stakeholders and position the company for optimal success, as we unlock our customers’ potential to innovate and win.”

Ballingall will be charged with creating a best-in-class foundry marketing organization and further growing the GLOBALFOUNDRIES brand and market share through offerings that are highly differentiated and leverage the company’s unique strengths.

“As a new player in the foundry industry, GLOBALFOUNDRIES jumped on the scene this year with a unique and refreshing vision, plus a leadership position in time-to-volume, defect density, and leakage current control for the most advanced technologies. GLOBALFOUNDRIES is further differentiated by a design enablement model of in-depth collaboration at the design-process interface, simply unheard of in the foundry industry, to optimize our customers’ product performance and yields at advanced technology nodes,” Ballingall said. “GLOBALFOUNDRIES sets more than a new standard; we are initiating a new era in the foundry industry.”

Prior to joining GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Ballingall was president of Ballingall Consulting, where he provided brand and marketing strategies, supply chain, and value building expertise to semiconductor and high-tech companies. Before that, as CEO, president and chairman of GetSilicon, he led a venture-backed semiconductor outsourced manufacturing solutions company before it successfully merged with E2open, a leading provider of solutions for supply chain and demand chain. Ballingall also has held strategic leadership positions at Marvell, UMC, Novellus and GE. Notably, while leading worldwide marketing at UMC, the foundry grew from a distant second place in market share to near parity with the market leader TSMC as its revenue soared four-fold to $3.2B.

Ballingall holds a bachelor’s in engineering physics from the University of California, Berkeley, and both a master’s and doctorate in applied physics from Cornell University.
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Ballingall holds a bachelor's in engineering physics from the University of California, Berkeley, and both a master's and doctorate in applied physics from Cornell University.
I find it absolutely hilarious that this guy ended up in marketing. Kudos to him though, if he can actually make this thing happen... GF has been talking big ever since they opened, so I guess we'll see if they can actually own up to it and gain a following in the market.
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lol , "kupec" means "a buyer" in my language hah
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Bird of Prey
Very odd, I mean, if I had a bad ass degree in engineering, I better get paid a hell of a lot more being a VP of marketing. Hmm, maybe this move will pay off as he should know a good bit about the hardware and technology and machines being used....
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