Thursday, October 8th 2009

Swiftech Rolls Out Apogee XT CPU Water Block

PC water-cooling specialists Swiftech presented its newest CPU water block, the Apogee XT. A result of extensive competitive testing, the Apogee XT comes across as a completely redesigned block that goes beyond redesigning the retention mechanism alone. The block is made entirely of copper and brass, and has a brass housing with black chrome plating. The cold plate surface is topographically mapped to provide an optimized TIM contact with socket LGA 771, 775, 1156 and 1366 compatible processors. The inlet plate which is at the center of the block, is detachable. It supports high flow 1/4" BSPP x 1/2" fittings. Supporting Intel sockets LGA-1366, LGA-1156, and LGA-775, the Apogee XT water block sells for US $79.99.
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AMD support will be coming according to Swiftech,

"Motherboard and CPU Compatibility

The Apogee™ XT is shipped with a universal hold-down plate and retention mechanism compatible with all Intel® Core™ desktop processors: socket 775, socket 1156, and socket 1366. The motherboard back-plate is included for Core™ i7, and will also be included for Core™ i5 upon product availability, which is expected mid-october 2009. This part will be mailed upon-request free of charge to all customers who purchase the block before the plate becomes available. The socket 775 motherboard back-plate is not included with the block, but will also be mailed upon request at no charge.

Hold-down plates for other processors, such as AMD's and server platforms will be released in the coming weeks and available in option."
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The Knife in your Back
Looks pretty nice, I think with a nice look block like that I would just run it the 775 way, ends up showing it off a bit more.
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wow check out the coverage of those micro pins. looks like 2-3 degrees better than GTZ.. looks like no way to use a compression fitting on it though..
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kenkickr said:
Looks like Swiftech was able to.
the inlet head is actually detachable and rotatable by 180 degrees to allow for big fittings of course it causes slightly higher restriction and about 0.1 degrees higher temp

quoted from bit tech
Restriction is also reduced out of the box compared to the Apogee GTZ although rotating the inlet plate will see slightly higher restriction and fractionally higher (0.1°C) temperatures. Still, it's a tiny compromise to be able to use some sexy compression fittings.
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Bird of Prey
Thanks for the update Ken. I was really gonna be mad as I like my OCZ Hydroflow, but this puppy is just awesome.
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Senior Moderator
I don't like the fact it uses three gaskets. Too much that can leak.
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Nice shiny block from Swiftech, the mounting mechanism of the GTZ is simply great and this new block looks like to be a good performer. Waiting for more test review of the XT to come out. :)
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