Monday, October 26th 2009

S3 Graphics Introduces 5400E Power Efficient GPGPU Processor

S3 Graphics announced the latest addition to its power-efficient embedded graphics processor family, with the unveiling of the OpenCL 1.0 capable Chrome 5400E GPGPU processor. The S3 Graphics 5400E will be unveiled at the Electronic Manufacturer Exposition (eMEX), October 22nd - 25th, in Suzhou, China at the Suzhou International Expo Center, Hall 4A, Booth No. 4K08.

OpenCL is an open, cross-platform standard used to harness the power of a GPUs internal shaders to accelerate parallel computations in applications ranging from scientific, medical, and other high performance computing (HPC) markets. The native OpenCL engine in the 5400E GPU enables our partners to go beyond graphics and video, and penetrate these diverse HPC markets.
"S3 Graphics continues to empower key embedded technology providers, helping extend their market offerings based on our growing portfolio of feature-rich products, incorporating next-generation technologies like General Purpose GPU computing, as well as the latest 3D graphics architectures, HD video decode and encode, and the latest HDMI and Display Port display interfaces," said Dr. Ken Weng, GM for S3 Graphics. "Our new Chrome 5400E truly bridges the gap between PC and embedded device design, giving customers true GPU versatility."

Native support of OpenCL with the industry's best GFLOPS per watt rating including a DirectX 10.1 / OpenGL 3.1 graphics engine, ChromotionHD video core for HD video decode including Blu-ray, H.264, and VC-1, a video encode engine, and OpenVG 1.1 engine in the 5400E creates the most versatile GPU for embedded applications requiring longevity, customization, performance, features, and low power.

DirectX 10.1 and OpenGL 3.1 applications on Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms can be effectively run using the Chrome 5400E programmable shader cores to speed up 3D simulations, 3D rendering applications, and other visual processing functions. OpenVG 1.1 support boosts 2D based vector graphics for scalable graphics and video vector based applications.

Driver support of Microsoft operating systems includes Windows 7 Aero, Vista Aero, XP, and CE. Linux kernel 2.6.xx with support for RedHat, SuSE, Ubuntu, Fedora Core, Debian, along with other Linux distributions are supported by the 5400E drivers. For more information, visit the product page.
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15 Comments on S3 Graphics Introduces 5400E Power Efficient GPGPU Processor

Performance Enthusiast
btarunr said:
...with the industry's best GFLOPS per watt rating...
Very interesting that IMO, Is adoption of these higher in the enterprise market?
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wolf said:
Very interesting that IMO, Is adoption of these higher in the enterprise market?
In industries, power consumption is a good part of the running cost.
So I will say Performance/watt is important.:toast:
This is more of a Co-Processor than a Graphics Card I guess.
I wonder how these stand against the Cedar. :rolleyes:
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One Question? Can it play crysis LMAO!!!
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these may turn out to be rather interesting.

i'm curious what third parties do with openCL
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Señor Moderator
One Question? Can it play crysis LMAO!!!
HAHAHAHA! You made a "can it run Crysis"-joke!

Yes it can run Crysis, assuming it's faster than it's predecessor it might even be somewhat playable.
The Chrome 440 ran it at 8.5 fps at 1024x768.

Other than that, it's not aimed at gamers. Low power, HD video acceleration. Expect to find it in embedded and some handheld devices (seeing how they support CE), perhaps if it were to support multichrome it might be a decent low power solution to play some games, nothing stellar though.
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I would love to see these in netbooks but with a atom. Lets replace that gma950 and not with a nvidia Ion. The nvidia Ion is a good choice but I want options.
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One eluding thing. I know it should be second dx10 iteration for S3 after with just OpenCL support. But how good is that OpenCL implementation is really bugging thing. It great versatile thing for low powe workstation DX/OGL/OVG all suported. Nice one.
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There's absolutely no mention of performance numbers, except for the fact that it's using 64bit memory.
As far as I can tell, this could just be an embedded version of the 500 series.

Damn you VIA.. you could be spoiling all of Intel's netbook fun with that Nano CPU and a decent DX10.1 IGP from S3 but no.. you'll rather re-launch your products whenever a new driver function is active (in this case, it's OpenCL).
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Xtreme Refugee
wolf said:
Very interesting that IMO, Is adoption of these higher in the enterprise market?
while i admire their dedication of trying to stay alive in the market, i fail to see the point of a product like this, it has the same gflop/watt as the atom...yet both remain completely useless outside of a netbook :confused:
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ToTTenTranz said:
Damn you VIA.. you could be spoiling all of Intel's netbook fun with that Nano CPU and a decent DX10.1 IGP from S3 but no.. you'll rather re-launch your products whenever a new driver function is active (in this case, it's OpenCL).
Agreed. But as someone else mention same thing above i went looking on budget giants like SiS and it aint release any new chipset since 672FX (Q1 2007) a year after i965P with pooor SATA disk performance and memory leap behind mighty intels yer old chipset, and iP35 was on its virge. only singaporeans decided to test that brat. To make thing short I think i think both SiS and VIA dumped chasing fo intels chipsets (after famous intel suits in 2002 and after for SIs i think) And VIA dropped AMD market after nVidia bought ULi and market was consolidated around AMD/ATi and nVidia offerings year later (early 2007 and 690G).

Simply it's not economical for ViA to produce that budget offering and compete with nV everybody whining cause either this woud be based on way too old P4P880 trailed back to 2003 and r&d costs too much to just listen to some enthusiastic whining. Where wer you when nobody bought VIA since nForce2 and nF3 250 hit the market and VIA went in those 3yrs waybelow it's market leadership it had in time of P3/K7 (1999-2002)

They seemingly done great hidden agreeement with envidia dropping their SoundStorm market in favour of ViA's poorer Envy line, and some niche embedded market for it's S3 graphics line. And beyond that they had and still have pretty much budget and excellent network controllers for FE, GbE and 1394.
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Low wattage OpenCL? Narrow (64bit) memory? Lets get a couple of these chips on a card. Heck, lets go for a dozen! GO GO GO!
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[I.R.A]_FBi said:
us third worldians use a lot of via :|
Hardly u can use it in anything better than via nano netbook an that's slow even compared to intel atom and not so low wattage :( when new atoms get native aes256 even that advantage will be lost.
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I wish S3 would kick it up a notch, I'm getting sick of having nothing but ATI and Nvidia to choose from.
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My first graphics card was a steath 2000. It was a S3 virge 32mb card and I felt special. Unfortunately it could not even play Quake 2 =(. That's why I don't buy S3 video cards.
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