Monday, February 8th 2010

Walton Chaintech Launches its SSD Convertor and CF 606X High Speed Memory Card

To cater to consumer demand for data transfer efficiency, renowned RAM and memory card manufacturer Walton Chaintech is officially launching its new CF card convertor - the Apogee SSD Convertor. Consumers may use the high speed, high capacity CF cards as SSD hard disks, using the Apogee SSD Convertor, to expand the capacity of hard disk while achieving blazing fast data transfer speed of conventional SSD. The Apogee SSD Convertor offers both performance and upgrade versatility. When paired with Walton Chaintech's latest CF 606X high speed memory card, users will achieve a perfect match in terms of product compatibility and performance and enjoy velvety-smooth storage and processing experience on their PCs.

The all-new Walton Chaintech Apogee SSD Convertor is built to a standard 2.5" hard disk form factor. It features the high speed SATA II transfer interface and can simultaneously support up to two CF cards on top of Raid 0 and Raid 1 disk array functions. Users can choose to combine the capacity of two CF cards or use them as mirror disks to achieve higher data security based on their own needs. The Apogee SSD Convertor is superior in function to the traditional SSD. The Apogee SSD Convertor is capable of reaching 55MB/sec in actual data read test, which is significantly faster than the 46MB/sec performance of current mainstream 5400-rpm hard disks in terms of transfer efficiency. By choosing high capacity CF cards, users will substantially increase storage capacity without having to replace the convertor, and this greatly boosts the product's scalability.
In addition, in an effort to satisfy consumer needs for high resolution photography and video recording on DSLR cameras, Walton Chaintech has also revealed its latest high speed, high capacity memory card - the Apogee CF 606X. The memory card boasts write and read speeds of 91MB/sec and 93MB/sec. Available in 16GB and 32GB, the incredible capacity of the product will allow users to perform uninterrupted recording of high image video with DSLR cameras without missing any bits and pieces of the fascinating moments in life worth capturing. Using the Apogee CF 606X in conjunction with the Apogee SSD Convertor will enable users to expand the memory card's functions to general storage applications while achieving ultra high speed transfer performance that surpasses conventional hard disks. The golden combination of Walton Chaintech's Apogee SSD Convertor and its CF 606X memory card offers incredible performance and scalability and it is a product package you should not miss. Source: Walton Chaintech
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9 Comments on Walton Chaintech Launches its SSD Convertor and CF 606X High Speed Memory Card


true, its not bad for comparison with 2.5" drives... but its still rather slow.
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Its also cheaper than most 2.5"rs out there if you already have the cards. Theres a market for it. :-)
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Wow so I can have my two 16mb (no typo) CF cards in Raid mode? Niceee!
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A Cheese Danish
That's pretty cool I must say.
May have to get one since my current CF cards aren't doing anything.
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This is the type of thing I would buy, just because it exists..
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I have been waiting for something like this to replace the HDD in my canon HG20 when it dies.

But for the price it really isn't bad for a take anywhere quick bootable system. Pull up to a customers home, get out, plug in, boot cleanup thier system, and leave.
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Other than for people who already have a couple large CF cards lying around, wouldn't this be significantly slower and more expensive per GB than many SSD alternatives?
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Not if it can perform, and has replaceable memory that will get cheaper as time goes on. Right now the cheapest 64GB SSD is $155 on newegg and uses a jmicron "stutter" controller. The cheapest performign CF cards are $72 for 32GB.
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these have been around for yonks.
the only difference is chaintech is a more commonly known comapany.

DeLock have made these kinds of things for many years now
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