Wednesday, March 3rd 2010

A-DATA Shows Off USB Plus, USB 3.0 Devices And SDXC Cards

We dropped by A-DATA booth and did see a few interesting new products. First off, there are two new USB flash drives, the N909 with a USB Plus port and the N005 with USB 3.0. The former is a special USB connector with the possibility to be used on eSATA as well. There is also an SSD with SATA 3 and a micro USB 3.0 connector present.

A-DATA is also displaying SDXC cards, just in time as the Canon 550D will be supporting the new format.

But there is more on the more traditional devices, like their dual channel Xtreme Series DDR3 2200 MHz CL7 kit, which comes with active cooling, along with new USB 2.0 flash devices.
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4 Comments on A-DATA Shows Off USB Plus, USB 3.0 Devices And SDXC Cards

i cant wait for USB3.0
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A Cheese Danish
i cant wait for USB3.0
Same here
The SDXC cards seem promising also
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Bird of Prey
Yay, USB 3.0 devices. Loving that Canon is starting to support the new faster and bigger formats. Maybe Ill grab that 550D instead of a Kodak/Nikon/Fuji as my next Digital Camera.

Didn't they already have a fan system for their memory?
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Those SDXC Class 10 need more competition. So far only Panasonic had a 48GB and 64GB sticks, and they charge ridiculously price for those. Now anything more than 16GB is not worth buying due to overpricing. Let's hope A-DATA isn't the first who runs SDXC sticks. Sandisk also have SDXC sticks, but they are only Class 4. Not even Class 6... Shame! And overpriced too....