Thursday, March 11th 2010

Galaxy Dual GTS 250 Accelerator Tested

Galaxy's graphics card in the works that uses two GeForce GTS 250 GPUs has finally taken shape. Galaxy designed this card out of NVIDIA's specifications, from scratch. The company also designed a cooler that uses two GPU heatsinks, each with spirally-projecting aluminum fins, with its own 80 mm fan, and a heatsink over other parts of the card such as memory and VRM. The card draws power from two 6-pin power connectors. It has 512 MB of GDDR3 memory per GPU.

Out of the box, the card comes with clock speeds of 600/1500/1000 MHz (core/shader/memory). With the bundled Galaxy Magic Panel HD software, it can be overclocked further. In a certain test, clock speeds of 675/1000/1696 MHz were used. A 3DMark Vantage run with Performance preset yielded a score of P13964. In the pictures, the piece of PCB sticking out next to the PCI-Express interface is a rudimentary spacer. It won't be present on retail cards.

Source: Expreview
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Mussels said:
it only works on the low end cards with no bridge. It wont work on these cards - quad SLI requires a bridge
Thank you, mussels. Getting old and can't remember things.
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Editor & Senior Moderator
Bo$$ said:
i meant SLI between two separate cards without the SLI bridge... not possible with this card.
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