Tuesday, March 30th 2010

Club 3D Rolls Out Radeon HD 5830 Overclocked Edition

Club 3D released a new custom-design graphics card based on the ATI Radeon HD 5830 GPU, which comes overclocked out of the box. The card has clock speeds of 825 MHz (core) and 1050 MHz (memory, 4200 MHz effective), against reference speeds of 800/1000 MHz. The HD 5830 GPU packs 1120 stream processors, and a 256-bit wide GDDR5 memory interface to connect to 1 GB of memory. Connectivity includes one each of DVI-D, HDMI, and DisplayPort. Club 3D did not disclose price, though we expect it to be a little over the base-model cards, around the US $240 mark.
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14 Comments on Club 3D Rolls Out Radeon HD 5830 Overclocked Edition

@ W1zzard, would like to see some benchmarks on this in the future :)
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oooo... just 25mhz... sooo fast ;)
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The aesthetics is the only redeeming part about this card. :(
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Is it not pointless and mildly misleading for companies to keep churning out these so called "overclocked" cards? I mean seriously 25mhz.....weak.
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OMG, this overclock will bring records
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~Technological Technocrat~
I wonder how well this performs versus a 4870 at the same clocks :P
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Be adverted: this card will have no voltage modding and no 2D mode power saving mode, like the latest 5850 non reference boards. I saw an interview this morning (sorry can't remember where) a OEM representative said said about the 5830: voltage modding belongs only to the high end cards...
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AMD does not allow partners to bring out cards with a huge difference then a standard. They do what they do within the lines. Even tho 25 mhz is pathetic and worth 0.5 fps more.
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OC'n even by just 25Mhz on a card with 16 ROPs is a decent boost. This card is like the X1800XT/GTO of the X1000 series. :)
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I dont think thats a great overclock, maybe if they somehow binned cards that they knew where good clockers but 25mhz could be done on any normal 5830.
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Why bother? Clock it to at lease 850Mhz core to be worth while really.
Yes this is 5770 core clock which will finally make this card faster than a 5770 in every aspect.
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I'd like to see a company for once, instead of releasing an overclocked 5830 focus their time and development skill in releasing a 5830 at the original MSRP of $200. I think that would be far more interesting than a 25Mhz overclock.
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