Friday, April 2nd 2010


April's Fool!

Guess we really got you guys this time. I will not be leaving the site, nor will there by any of the announced changes. It was all an elaborate April's Fools Joke that we played on you.

Read on for the details...

As most of you remember, NVIDIA's Fermi launch was at midnight my local time, so I posted the review after countless hours of work, watched how our traffic spiked quickly and went to bed smiling and reliefed that everything went well. After I woke up I grabbed my notebook to check if the site might be crashed or something - no everything was fine, I started reading the comments and was shocked to see all the drama about Catalyst 9.12 being used. While I was aware that 9.12 weren't the latest drivers, I was pretty sure that the performance gains were not significant enough to retest all ATI cards and instead not have something like the Metro & Heaven tests (time is limited). After sifting through hundreds of posts all stating the same I did feel quite some anger towards the userbase in general: I was pissed. But as countless people stated in the comments for the "I am going away thread" the comments are just a tiny subset of what people think; happy people don't post comments.
Still with some anger I made my first posts in the comment thread: I think I'm done, I'm quitting and a couple more ... after a while I went away from the PC and started thinking a bit about it. "Let's just prove those idiots wrong". So I started benchmarking the 5870 on 10.3 and posted the results several hours later. As expected the difference was only 2%.
As we moved closer to April 1st I thought "hey, why not use those posts to create an epic April's Fools Joke", talked to my good buddy btarunr about it and he also thought it might be worthwile doing. Bta was the only person to know, not even the TPU staff knew. So the post was made and the story unfolded...

While I had originally planned to come clean some time next week, I realized it would be cruel to let you guys suffer that long.

Thank you all for your amazing comments. I had no idea how appreciated my work is. I am also sorry if you were hurt by it - I didn't mean it. Thanks again guys! and again, don't worry, nothing big will change here. Feel free to express your anger toward me in the comments, the mods are instructed to give you even more leeway as usually.
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407 Comments on Gotcha!

U Sick Bastard!!!!!:):d:):d
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I was hoping as much. good to hear :) :) :) i had hope ;)
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Knew it all along...........:rockout:
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The PhysX thing was FAR FAR funnier/more appropriate.
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Been registered for some time and making my first post only for this...

Thank you for not leaving! I appreciate your reviews a lot. Other ones I tend only to read them fairly quick and on a overview mode.

Once again thanks for getting over all the drama queens that don't even realise all the work one has to go through to make a review and how hard it is to innovate on a GPU review.

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well i knew it in my heart all along but its not fair to do two jokes from one site(one phsyx one n one about u leaving)
i got excited on one and pissed the excitment out on second
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u punk :nutkick: u almost made me cry kidding :p
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Semi-Retired Folder
Nice...soooo glad you aren't going anywhere W1z, I think you had us all going for a while.

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Mann ... i gotta say this ... .... F*** U .... :cry:

and BTW im really glad it was just a joke .... you rock :rockout: ... and we want you here ...

thanx 4 everything you have done and what you are going to to do .... :toast:

now its time to...
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Lab Extraordinaire
not that funny man, you are like the best mod ever :D your avatar was one of the reasons i joined
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The Doctor is in the house
Hah you had us all.
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dr emulator (madmax)
dammit i was just going to get a loan out from the bank to buy this place :laugh::D
:ohwell: maybe next time :D
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jajaja:laugh:, been a lurker for 3 years now, and i can say TPU is a fun place to be just im just to lazy to post... and this joke reminded me to at least say thanks once in a while for an awsome job:toast:
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U SON OF A BITCH!!!!! lol but ur "I'm leaving thread" def has to be the biggest and fastest growing "April fools" thread, well shit probly fastest growing thread we've had on TPU period.

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With all toes positive comments I bet you won't be quitting for the next 200years.
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GOOOOOOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Although I was fretting a bit cause TPU RULZ and I didn't want it to change.

Pretty much did this to 99% of TPU members. GOOD PRANK!!!!

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i cried...
and then i lol'd loudly despite it's 1:30AM here..

man you really are *******

you got ALL of us here..
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Great troll or greatest troll?

omg inb4 page 2
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I'm just glad this was a joke since I was trying to figure out what the heck I'd do if this place took a dump after you left. All I know is that I meant everything I said in the other thread and that you and all of the other people here that run TPU make this place what it is and it would not be the same without any one of you. :toast:
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I think a fair few other tech sites are gonna be p****d as well now. All their incorrect news reports!

Great news really, but, but.. ahhg!
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Creator Solaris Utility DVD
Solaris17: hahahahaa you fucking son of a bitch
w2zzard: :) thanks
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Vanguard Beta Tester
That's just wrong! Now does someone have Erockers addy? I owe em a kick!! :nutkick:

Im glad your still going to grace us with your presence Wizzard :respect:
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