Thursday, April 8th 2010

GeForce GTX 480 Supports 4-way SLI?

Soon after EVGA laid its hands on stocks of GeForce GTX 480 graphics cards, it claims from an internal test that 4-way SLI is possible on the reference design GTX 480 graphics cards. The GTX 480 was advertised to work with up to two more of its kind in 3-way SLI, in NVIDIA's presentations to the press. EVGA's feat of running four GTX 480 cards was possible on its X58 Classified 4-way SLI motherboard, which has room for four graphics cards, and a special SLI bridge that connects to four NVIDIA graphics cards with two SLI interconnect bridges each. EVGA released a special-edition GeForce GTX 285 4-way SLI ready graphics card to go with the motherboard.

The EVGA X58 Classified 4-way SLI isn't the only motherboard to support 4-way SLI, the recently released EVGA Classified SR2 also ships with the special SLI bridge. No other motherboard vendor released a 4-way bridge, yet. EVGA demonstrated the 4-way SLI setup with a run of Unigine Heaven, although it did not give away any performance numbers. 4-way SLI is not to be confused with Quad-SLI, which is also a four-GPU SLI configuration, but involves a 2-way SLI connection between two dual-GPU graphics cards (such as GeForce 9800 GX2, GTX 295, MARS). Any SLI-supportive motherboard supports Quad-SLI.
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Sasqui said:
From all I've heard about their development and dealings with TMSC, they brought it on themselves. It does suck for the industry as a whole.

Interesting how chip design sounds a lot like software design, which share similarities with legislation and sausage making. It ain't pretty.
I think you might have misread my post. I feel sorry for the fans that have to move that much air, not so much for Nvidia themselves. I also feel sorry for the consumers out there that don't get to benefit from a price-war this time around.

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Live OR Die
yer heat would suck they would need to be watercooled, when evga made 4ways sli i dont think they thought much about air cooling, even 3way sli u can cook eggs and bacon

I was bored :laugh:
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Eleet Hardware Junkie
wow... like in my thread about this last night,

let me reemphasize on a few things already discussed...

Fitseries3 said:
they are designed to handle the heat.
just because you have never had a video card with that much heat output doesnt mean that its bad.
Fitseries3 said:
anyone that can afford 4 of these cards can most likely afford the water setup to keep them cool
Fitseries3 said:
yes a single gtx480 CAN draw UP TO 320watts but thats not realistic.

280watts is what would be considered MAX realistic for single card mode.

when in SLI the load of the cards are reduced so all 4 cards probably dont draw more than 600-800watts MAX at MAX res and under a really heavy load.
Fitseries3 said:
the cards have vent holes in the pcb and they arent 100% blocked.

they are just like any other nvidia card. the area around the fan is slanted to allow for airflow.

sure its less than a single gpu but its not completely blocked as you say
now that said...

anyone who was willing to take the time to look for the source on this one might find the answer to why there is no results posted and a few other things...

read for yourself
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ASUS has done a few of this prototype GPU/etc stuff and it looks like EVGA is joining in these days.
Having that in a chassis however will have it turn to molten metal half way through the boot screen though, not to mention burn you wall socket, cables in the wall, maybe even house down from the power draw. LOL!
I'm sure when you just switch on the PC it must hum like a generator from the power flowing through it because of these! XD
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That is some 1000 watts of GPU power.
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The actual PSU didn't fit in the frame, so it was outside off camera.
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They mind as well start makin' pci-e higher then 16x.

Why the heck do they insist on puttin the power plugs on that side and not the end to easily run the wires to a cable-management whole? all the cards I ever bought had it on the end and not the side. Watercooling would b better since they're stacked and blocks the fan. the covers aren't true to actually work better then they could. like being completely sealed and sucking in air from the fan and the end of the card.

It does look pretty sweet. Like a huge brick sittin' there. Not for me tho. I have better things to spend money on. As long as a card can play games and make it look good that I'll enjoy playin'. I'm happy. Now gettin four of these and I can't do any futuristic holographic stuff from the movies. eh!
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Editor & Senior Moderator
popswala said:
They mind as well start makin' pci-e higher then 16x.
Why? No graphics card gets bottlenecked by x16.
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Wow... 4 Way SLI... Cool... My next Room Heater upgrade...
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how can they breath haha, the two in the middle must be cooking
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Live OR Die
would be a nice beachmark settup but dont see the point of having a fish smoker in your room
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At first i thought this was some preview for the upcoming Quadro cards or some preview of an Nvidia super computer, but then I remembered that they usually have only 1 video output and don't need sli...Damn this is truly the epiphany of performance :respect:
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It comes from k1nkg1n cooling, who are famous for their LN2 pots :D
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jasper1605 said:
can those really OC that well? I'm assuming that's a WC card but even still that's nearly an 80% increase on the core clocks.
Thats on LN2, water cooling might get you around 800MHz - 850MHz depending on the volts.
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After 30 minutes of use, the cards melt into a single unit for easy removal.
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I can imagine how hot they must run next to each other like that but hell it must be overkill.
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Is it safe to assume that this will run crysis?

Seriously though, understanding that for some people, $ vs FPS is irrelevant is one thing but what games/applications would noticeably benefit from this? I'm old and slow so I only need FPS to exceed 60 or so. How fast do top guns need their FPS?

To me this looks good for benchmarks though.
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tbh it just looks epic to see those four cards crammed together. Epic as in omg i can't believe the things didn't melt the second the pc came on lol
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SK-1 said:
The actual PSU didn't fit in the frame, so it was outside off camera.
hahaha :laugh: thats a good one :D
the electricity meter must be rotating like hell :roll:
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The Exiled Airman
Multi Card configs, I spit on them.

Most users would only run 1 card anyhow, Multi Card Configs are still a moot point. My thinking at the time SLI came about, NV thought of saying why not force users to require 2 by making our TWIMTBP games run like crap on a single card. Also no user should require to run a watercooling loop under stock configurations when having multicard configs, only time that should be required is when pushing them beyond stock clocks, just like non factory Air coolers. TBH cards are getting ridiculous in size and heat production. I think cards in a stock configuration should only require a Single Slot Cooler and then if you really want to push then a 2x slot and or watercooling, like back during the days of the Radeon 9700 Pro.
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DaedalusHelios said:
That is rather pessimistic. Watercooling and overclocking three cards would yield much higher frames and higher benches. Four has no relevance unless you are folding. People that like to spend large sums of money care about performance too. There are always the ignorant too. Like those who buy a 5970 to run one 1680x1050 LCD.
Maybe four has no relevance, but then neither does three, or even possibly two for 90% of 3d applications currently available. But I would imagine anyone bothering to use more than two 480s, would be aimed more or less at number and performance crunching, which would of course include 3dMark, other synthetics/folding etc.

Either way, you'd have to over volt the cards to enable overclocking that returns any significant or noticeable performance difference, and then you'd be resorting to better cooling.

But how exactly do you fit full face water blocks onto multiple GPUs that are slotted in each adjacent PCI-E lane?

That would be a seriously long motherboard.
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