Monday, September 6th 2010

Cooler Master Intros HAF-912 ATX Mid-Tower Case

Cooler Master introduced its latest case in the high-airflow (HAF) series, the value-segment HAF-912. This case lives up to its series name of being extremely airy, with a completely perforated front, a large fan on the top, apart from fans-slots on the side and rear, apart from a number of builder-friendly features. This ATX mid-tower 230 x 480 x 496 mm, weighs 8 kg, and is made up of SECC and plastic. Front drive bays include four 5.25" of which one is 3.5" convertible. The front-panel is located entirely on the front, and not the top.

There are six internal drive bays, which are split between two sets of 4 bays and 2 bays, each. The bays can be detached for cleaning, or to accommodate extremely long graphics cards. The bottom set can accommodate 2.5" drives. There are 7+1 expansion slots (8th one being vertical, for expansion brackets, etc.). Ventilation includes two front 120 mm fans, one rear 120 mm fans, while there's room for either two 120 mm fans (or a 2x 120 mm radiator), or one 200 mm fan on the top, one 120 mm fan on the side panel. The motherboard tray has a hole around the CPU slot area which makes it easy to deal with CPU coolers with backplates, there are three water-cooling holes, the third smaller hole could be for wiring to fans or pumps located outside. Cooler Master is asking US $60 for this case.
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Thanks for the official press release btarunr, we've been discussing this case for some time now in another thread.
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(FIH) The Don said:
why.....why....why isnt it black inside
... but seemingly it comes with black interior as well, check the review at Vortez, and see below:

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Big Member
Honestly you don't want a black interior. Dust shows a LOT worse with black.
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There are multiple versions of the case, the one that launched today is the most basic one. The ones with black interior are different models.
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Bird of Prey
well dust aside, black is a lot better aesthetically than the borish gray they been using.
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That is one ugly looking case! I don't like that Lego rip off Mega Blocks look. Black inside is pretty much mandatory on cases these days apart from some select Aluminium cases or coloured cases like white or something. 3 1/2" drive bay WTF no one uses floppy drives and if they needed to they could get a USB floppy drive, any 3 1/2" inch device usually comes with or you can at the least buy a conversion kit for a 5 1/4" bay.

Not bad inside pretty basic which probably is proportionate with its price.
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Apparently the United States is slated to receive only the most basic version first. Non-windowed with unpainted interior. The EU will receive the windowed version, but still unpainted interior while Asia gets the whole shebang with window and black interior. Read about this on another site.
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