Monday, September 20th 2010

Tt eSports Announces the Shock USB Gaming Headset

With headsets rapidly becoming the standard accessory in eSports ie. Shooting games (FPS), role playing games (MMORPG) and real-time strategy games (RTS) - consumers will be looking to Tt eSPORTS for the most extreme gaming gears. Headsets equipped with a microphone can open up a whole new world of multiplayer gaming. The ability to taunt your enemies and strategize with your teammates all becomes possible as Tt eSPORTS unveils its newest product the SHOCK headset. Unlike many headsets out on the market, the Shock headset covers the ear entirely. This attention to detail makes a very big difference when it comes to comfort and noise cancellation giving players the satisfaction of knowing that Tt eSPORTS designs with their consumers in mind.
"It's all about the voice. Explosions, footsteps, incoming fire, passing vehicles, and team-member commands-you hear it all as if you were there." - Manfred Pieper, Leader of team Thermaltake.

SHOCK highlights:

Noise-canceling microphone:
Reduces annoying background noise for clear, intelligible voice commands. When it's not being used, the microphone swivels easily up and out of your way.

Inline audio control:
Adjustable volume control and microphone muting without the need to pause the game.

Plug-and-play USB:
Stereo sound in seconds-a plug-and-play USB headset.

Easy to Transport:
Foldable Headset offers convenient transportation.

The new headset will be available worldwide starting October 2010. For more information, please visit this page.
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Plug-and-play USB:
Stereo sound in seconds—a plug-and-play USB headset.
Stereo doesn't really seem that viable for the online gaming community, I'd think some sort of surround would be necessary for online gaming.
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LOL corsair last week now Tt, what's up is the headset technology same as PSU technology's, LOL
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yea i've noticed more and more manufacturers getting into the headset and psu market. I'm not gonna complain tho, as this is great for the consumer! XD

hmm... Stereo sound would be ok if the audio processor can emulate surround kinda like creative's CMMS3d or w/e or my Realtek's chip's "virtual surround". I'd also like to know what audio processor is in the "usb sound card" built into these things. To be honest, I'd rather see more headsets that still have the analogue connectors so I can use the sound card I already have, or maybe a breakout box with digital in and etc. Don't get me wrong, USB sound cards can be pretty impressive. They're great if your current sound card is lacking.

Looking at their site it shows they do have the analogue connectors (the 3.5mm plugs), so which is it?

I LOVE that the things completely cover the ear, and the padding looks comfy lol. One problem I've had with headsets in the past like this is that although they cover the ear, the bottom end tends to be "open" if you will... for example if you press your hands against the sides gently it ... seals the headphones against your skin, allowing you to hear the bass better. Some sets have even pressure on the cups and this isn't a problem, while others tend to have more pressure on the top half. oh, and this uneven pressure tends to make em slip off when you lean forward sometimes, the one's with the even pressure have a better fit and don't slip... so I'll wait to see some reviews on that i guess

Noise cancelling mic is great! nuff said.

after looking at their site and seeing 3.5mm connectors i have to wonder how the 40mm drivers are powered. my cheap GE headset has trouble getting power, so i can emagine these would too, is that what the usb part is for, if it exists... i don't see the plug in any of the images on the linked page in orig post. I do like that the plugs are gold plated tho!

this is really confusing me b/c the only images i've seen of connectors have been of the gold plated 3.5mm plugs, yet the specs list it as having USB. The gallery tab is blank, just blackness when you click on it.

I'll keep an eye on the page... perhaps they just got in a hurry putting the page up...
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It does have 3.5mm plugs but those plug into a USB breakaway box like the plantronics gamecome series
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Graphical Hacker
I worry about the square size of the headset not fitting too well on my jawline. I think it might allow a hole in the bottom back of the jawbone area. If it was a circle it would not be an issue, but a square? We will see.
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What company is this? I never heard of them.
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Stereo doesn't really seem that viable for the online gaming community, I'd think some sort of surround would be necessary for online gaming.
Actually when it comes to hearing stuff and sound camping Stereo is teh shit.
All that 7.1 stuff is pure entertainment.
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