Tuesday, October 19th 2010

Colorful Announces iGame GTS 450 Graphics Card

Colorful made global headlines when it unveiled the iGame GTX 460 graphics card to markets outside its niche of China and other East Asian markets. With the more affordable GeForce GTS 450, we thought it went softer with its non-reference GTS 450 graphics card that is designed appropriately for the market-segment. Now it looks like Colorful is back to an exorbitant product design, with the iGame GTS 450. This card sports similar styling to its GTX 460 cousin. The "shark-fin" cooler design that "breathes in" air for efficient ventilation is also there, but the key feature here is a design meant for overclocking.

The iGame GTS 450 makes use of a strong VRM area that makes use of a 5-phase design, with high-grade ONSEMI-made MOSFETs and server-grade NCC POSCAP capacitors, low-latency GDDR5 memory chips from Hynix, and a dual-BIOS design that is user-controllable with a switch on the rear panel. Each BIOS stores a different clock-speed profile, the first one is failsafe, sticking to reference speeds of 783/3608 MHz (core/memory); while the second one sports aggressive speeds of 900/4100 MHz. Colorful also mentions that with all the high-grade components on board, one can benefit from its overclocking capabilities that take it beyond that high-speed clock profile. Outside Asia, Colorful will release this card in Europe, the company has not finalised its price.
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7 Comments on Colorful Announces iGame GTS 450 Graphics Card

What kind of torpedo is this card, what if one fan gets stuck what then, you got a new one i guess.
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bear jesus
Colorful looks like it could become another of the bigger players in europe and hopefully further, they are releasing some very nice looking cards with good factory overclocks and what looks to be very high quality components/cards.
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Colorful always makes great designs
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filip007 said:
What kind of torpedo is this card, what if one fan gets stuck what then, you got a new one i guess.
And how is that different from every other card out there with a fan?
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WCG Team Assistant
Totally overkill, considering the noise and temps on my Asus DirectCU, I see no need for a cooler this insane
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