Wednesday, October 27th 2010

Gigabyte Announces Sumo 5112 PC Chassis

Gigabyte Thermal Solutions identify the ever-changing trends and address feedbacks of consumers by adding features that make our products stand out of the crowd and fulfill expectations of most demanding users. The flagship Sumo series now presents a new upgraded version in its family of cases. New Sumo 5112 features the same panel with the top-selling Sumo 4112 which amazes its users with curvaceous aluminum front door with hairline brushed finish.

Sumo 5112 is proud to be a Full Tower case, able to fit an E-ATX motherboard and largest VGA card therefore making it easier to install all other components. Being equipped with extendable pedestal stabilizers and now even heavier than the previous model, Sumo 5112 is solid as a sumo wrestler. Bundled with 2.5” black GIGABYTE Anvil enclosure and integrated 2.5” removable docking drive bay, Sumo also has a thoughtful disc storage design at the back of the front aluminum door. All this and rooftop accessibility of I/O interfaces with e-SATA port, Sumo 5112 can be the optimum solution for multiple range of users. Dual interchangeable panel will expose the case user-friendly architecture with cable-managed interior, liquid system space and tube outlets, as well as flexible hard disk tool-free mounting rack.
Wind-tunnel Thermal Solution.
To cool down this beast we have equipped Sumo 5112 with even more fans than the previous version. New model features one front 12cm silent fan, 2 LED rear 12cm fans and additionally 2 more 8cm HDD side cooling fans. Users will be surprised by the airflow and flexibility of this case. Discover the power of the titan, power of Sumo.

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9 Comments on Gigabyte Announces Sumo 5112 PC Chassis

first the iSolo 3134 and now this,gigabyte makes some very nice looking cases
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Soylent Joe
I like the design, it looks very elegant.
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Editor & Senior Moderator
Added image of its acrylic side window variant.
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bear jesus
The windowed version looks great, almost good enough to make me want my pc back inside a case..... almost :laugh:
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Depending on price, this MIGHT be acceptable. It has a unpainted interior and appears to not have any cable management holes in the MB tray, only the little plastic clips. It also uses 80mm fans for HDD cooling. I wish they would have made all the fans 120mm. 80mm fans tend to get rather noisy fast. This does not make me enthusiastic about it.
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hah, gigabyte back again with cases, the are made nice cases i was have 3d arura 570 it was great onw
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Bird of Prey
Nice and defined. What were their first cases they had, the Odins or something? Those were nice full towers.
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Thought Gigabyte swore off cases as their first gen flopped worse than a fat man on a diving board.

These look worse than the others IMO.
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Reminds me of older thermaltake cases.
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