Friday, November 5th 2010

Gigabyte Releases Pictures of its Complete LGA1155 Lineup

Gigabyte has been one of the first motherboard manufacturers to show off its LGA1155 motherboard way back in June, even as some of its prime competitors are keeping their products embargoed. The company just let out pictures of its entire 12-strong LGA1155 product lineup with box-art, that targets almost every price point with its discrete graphics requiring P67A lineup, and integrated graphics ready H67A lineup. All it did to make sure it didn't step on Intel's toes is blur out the new Intel logos.

The top-tier P67A-UD7 and P67A-UD5 have been discussed in some detail, in an older article. So were the P67A-UD3R, P67A-UD3, and H67MA-UD2H, in this article. What are new to us, are a number of space-filling models, that fill any gaps in price-points between earlier known models. These include: P67A-UD4, P67A-UD3P, H67A-UD3H, H67MA-D2H, and H67M-D2.
The P67A-UD4 is based on a PCB very similar to that of the P67A-UD3R, except for a few more USB ports on the rear panel, eSATA, and angled internal SATA ports. The P67A-UD3P is the same exact board as the P67A-UD3R, perhaps with the RAID function disabled. The H67A-UD3H is new to us. It's an ATX motherboard based on the H67 chipset supporting Intel FDI, USB 3.0, SATA 6 Gb/s two PCI-Express x16 (electrical x16,x4), two PCI-E x1, and three PCI. Display Connectivity includes DVI, HDMI, and D-Sub.

The H67MA-D2H is a scaled down version of H67MA-D2H, with just two memory slots, no DisplayPort, the H67MA-D2 goes down even further, with no HDMI, no USB 3.0.
Source: OCAU
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DAMN Nigga! thats a big line up of new motherboards, I like the top five colour scheme.
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pr0n Inspector
That's some dumb heatsink designs. Way too thick.

Why do manufacturers have to come up with new and lame heatsinks every year? Just use pin array heatsinks and be done with it.
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+1 on the heatsinks.

Other than that, that first on top is a sweet looking board!
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Cool, a microATX board is also there. But what i don't like is why they keep on sticking just 2 RAM slots on them!? It makes it useless for high end platform. For example, i currently have Rampage II Gene and i have 6! slots for RAM. Six! Can fill it up to 24GB of RAM. With 2 slots you're really limited to 8GB max if you use 4GB sticks which are insanely expensive and almost impossible to find.
Is it really so hard to use 4 slots? The size of the board just can't be an excuse since my Gene is the proof that space is not the limiting factor.
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are they going to provide front usb 3.0 panels? i'm seeing them in asrock asus and ecs, really like those thing...
pr0n InspectorThat's some dumb heatsink designs. Way too thick.

Why do manufacturers have to come up with new and lame heatsinks every year? Just use pin array heatsinks and be done with it.
could be something along the lines of pins can bend and break or something
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Looks like they use an ITE-branded chip for legacy PCI, since the chipset doesn't support PCI anymore. I also don't expect anyone to buy the micro-atx boards with only 2 memory slots and run a CF setup on them. :rolleyes:
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Actually even if you don't use dual card config, i find this one badly designed. In my uATX case i have graphic card in the bottom most slot so it catches cool air from the outside through grill side.
I have a sound card in first PCIe x16 slot. So basically it's the other way around ppl usually have it.
Now in this case i'd cover those USB ports below second PCIe x16 slot which i also need. Shame, really a shame...

It's strange, uATX boards are getting really popular lately, yet there is still virtually no good offers for it. I mean for LGA1366 there are hardly any boards in uATX format. Which is really lame. Now i'm stick with RIIG which is good and crappy at the same time.
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Finally a gigabyte board in a color scheme that doesn't suck! PRAISE JEBUS!
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whats with all the fuzzy bits on the box shots?

new Intel logos or something?
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Editor & Senior Moderator
Hugiswhats with all the fuzzy bits on the box shots?

new Intel logos or something?
Yeah, they look something like this:

just replace the "5" with 3 or 7 for new Core i3/Core i7 logos. Make it black for Extreme Edition :)
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Wow that's a lot of boards! The UD7 looks kickass! Heatsink wise i'm with you pr0n Inspector.. I'd rather it have a pin array w/ fan.
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Are heatsinks even going to fit around the motherboard sinks?

Looks close to me
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Anybody else notice there are 10 boards described in the paragraph and 12 pictured? The 2 "PH" boards, PH67-UD3 and PH67A-UD3, aren't described. They don't appear to have DVI output, so they aren't H67 chipsets. So whats the point of the "H" in the name?! Looks like the UD3P is slightly above the UD3R(?) the only difference I see is the bottom right corner of the board. Probably get myself either a UD3P for cost or UD4 for future SLI support.
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