Monday, November 22nd 2010

Arctic Announces Arctic Sound Series 2.1 Speakers

The ARCTIC S series 2.1 Speakers bring best audio quality for all needs. Dive into pure sound and make your PC to a real multimedia system. The speakers in the ARCTIC SOUND S Series features excellent sound quality with rich bass and clear highs. High fidelity drivers along with quick and precise responding driver coils play your music the way it is thought to be played.

The sleek and contemporary designs of these metallic-looking speakers blend seamlessly into any media center environment and emphasize your modern lifestyle. The different sizes will fit into either limited areas or spacious environments. All of the speakers are integrated with volume, bass, and treble controls, either on one of the satellites or on a control pod. Tweaking those settings with turning knobs are at user’s fingertips. These easily accessible fine-tuning dials ensure personalized listening comfort and enhance listening pleasure as well.
Easy to Setup
As the speakers are AC powered, they are very easy to setup. Adequate cable length allows users to have flexibility when connecting the speakers to PC systems. Multiple audio inputs on these systems make them to be a great companion for any media systems as well, including TV, DVD and CD players. Convenient access to 3.5mm jacks on satellites is great for instant connectivity.

Featuring slim and chic design, the ARCTIC SOUND S151 is ideal for home and office use. The dimension of the speakers is compact enough to use it as an accompaniment for desktop PCs. With 10W RMS subwoofer and 3.5W RMS in both satellites, this 3-piece system is able to deliver a full sound spectrum of balanced audio playback.

The foremost and notable characteristics of the ARCTIC SOUND S161 are its stylish and circular speakers design. Blue circular LED lights on the satellites add an elegant texture to this speaker system. Enjoy the delivery of decent mid-bass and trebles output with its 11W RMS subwoofer and 3.5W RMS satellites. The simple yet solid design makes this set of speakers a perfect complement for any stylish interior settings.

The dual driver subwoofer and dual driver satellites in the ARCTIC SOUND S361 promise rich and defined sound quality. 40W RMS subwoofer and 18W RMS satellites output produce full-blown bass and crystal-clear trebles for any music genres. Its classic rectangular shape along with the combination of shiny and matt finish emphasizes simplicity and modernity.

The wired remote control pod, gives you access to fine-tune your music. You can also mute and control the volume easily. Furthermore, secondary audio inputs, microphone, headphone and AUX sockets are on the control pod for quick connection.

Be mesmerized by heart-thumping bass of the ARCTIC SOUND S362 in exhilarating movies, and intense video and PC gaming. With a total of 74 W RMS, this high-end 2.1 system dramatically elevates your listening experience. With a large 144mm high fidelity membrane, the subwoofer plays a thunder-like bass.

The speakers give you direct access to connections of further devices, such as earphones or MP3 players, and controls to fine-tune music on your desktop speaker.
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8 Comments on Arctic Announces Arctic Sound Series 2.1 Speakers

play your music the way it is thought to be played.
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Anyone know OEM?

Looks like gony or the people who make x-force speakers.
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It seems like everyone is making speakers all of a sudden.

Bleh, I need to save up for a normal 2.0 sound setup. After 2-3 hours in my PXC350s switching to my Logitech speakers is like: "Bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh".
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bear jesus
btarunr said:
emphasize your modern lifestyle.
Emphasizing my modern lifestyle :confused: :wtf: :laugh:

My old 2.1 setup died not long ago and i have been looking for something to replace them, the S361 might be what i was looking for.
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I wish Altec Lansing would return making good PC speakers again. After legendary MX5021 series, only 1 new set was introduced. All the others were some cheap low power iPod junk. All these look like a stuff to fill the low end segment...
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Hey AC! Less random peripherals, more CPU/GPU coolers, please? Thanks.
Wouldn't kill ya' to develop a good chipset cooler in your usual market range. I would like to see that happening.
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Wile E
Power User
Yukikaze said:
It seems like everyone is making speakers all of a sudden.

Bleh, I need to save up for a normal 2.0 sound setup. After 2-3 hours in my PXC350s switching to my Logitech speakers is like: "Bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh".
Buy a receiver and a pair of good bookshelf speakers. Or, if you want to keep things more simple, buy a good pair of powered studio monitors.
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Bird of Prey
At least the price is reasonable, unlike Asus offering.
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