Tuesday, December 1st 2009

BitFenix Unleashes Colossus Venom and Window

Today, BitFenix released the Colossus Venom and Colossus Window, two new variants of its award-winning Colossus enthusiast full tower PC chassis. "After releasing Colossus, BitFenix fans from around the world offered their own personal suggestions on some new and interesting modifications for the full tower, and Colossus Venom and Colossus Window are the results of that feedback," says David Jarlestedt, BitFenix Product Manager. "With Colossus Venom and Colossus Window, we hope to appeal to an even broader number of users by offering a wider selection of chassis based on a proven design."

At this past Gamescom 2010, BitFenix demoed a Colossus with eerie green LED lighting, a striking design that turned many heads at Europe's largest video gaming show. After a flood of user emails asking if a green variant would be offered for sale, BitFenix decided to make it happen with Colossus Venom Edition. Colossus Venom Edition uses the same design as the original Colossus, but allows users to select between green or red lighting at the push of a button. This new color choice gives Colossus Venom Edition an ominous new look, perfect for intimidating the competition during late-night gaming sessions. Of course, all the original Colossus features have been retained, such as the proprietary BitFenix SofTouch coating, BitFenix S3 Storage Compartment, and two SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports, making Colossus Venom Edition the perfect chassis for the hardcore gaming enthusiast.
For those who want to show their hardware to the world, Colossus Window is a fresh new twist of the ultimate enthusiast PC chassis. Eschewing the LED side panels for an attractive windowed side panel, users can let their hardware shine through, all while being enclosed by the distinctive styling of the Colossus design. Users can choose between the Colossus Window's three variants (Black, White and Venom), each coming with two color-matched 230mm LED fans which cast a bright glow through the signature windowed side panel. A simplified control panel provides the basic controls, including power on/off, reset, and LED on/off, and for connectivity, Colossus Window comes with four USB 2.0 ports, one eSATA port and audio jacks.

BitFenix Colossus Venom Edition will have an estimated retail price of 159€ (incl. 19% VAT) and $169.

BitFenix Colossus Window will have an estimated retail price of 139€ (incl. 19% VAT) and $149.
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14 Comments on BitFenix Unleashes Colossus Venom and Window

(FIH) The Don
why the f*** does it have to have fan mounts in the window

it ruins it :S
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Will the white case come with a white interior?
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(FIH) The Don
the original did so i think the windowed one will too
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Yellow&Nerdy? said:
Will the white case come with a white interior?
if you click on the white case image to make it bigger you can see the rear of the case through the window, and it is white with a blue case from the lighting;)
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Seriously generating a year of hipe and bringing those shitty cases to the market. Get lost BitFenix.
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Black and green AWESOME!, now if I could just buy one that would be great. .
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I can't help but think of Issac's helmet from Dead Space when I see these cases.
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The white one would look great with a UD7

Where can I find one?
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I like the look of the white colossus. Wouldn't pay $150 but I like the look.
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Love the quality inside, and now a windowed case is just great, but get rid of that fugly front panel :shadedshu
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