Monday, December 27th 2010

PowerColor Announces Custom-Design Radeon HD 6970, HD 6950 Graphics Cards

TUL Corporation, a leading manufacturer of AMD graphics cards, today announces its own design HD6900 series solution. Featuring all the latest technology, the PowerColor HD6900 series includes the HD6970 and HD6950. The HD6970 clocks at 880MHz core speed and 1375MHz memory speed, easily accelerating your PC with up to 2.7 teraFLOPs of computing power. The HD6950 clocks at 800MHz core speed and 1250MHz memory speed, enabling the demanding gamers to be flawlessly presented.

The PowerColor HD 6900 series has equipped with unique dual fan cooling solution; built with two ultra big 9.2cm cooling fans and 8ø heat pipes, it can easily dissipate heat produced from the GPU, easily cools down the temperature in a low-noise working environment. The latest series also takes advantage of power efficient features, consuming only 190W at load, enabling immersive HD gaming experience in the minimal power consumed.
“To provide a better gaming experience to all gamers, PowerColor announces its own design version right after the reference card launch.” says Ted Chen, CEO of TUL Corporation. “Taking advantage of its unique cooling design, PowerColor HD6900 series can boost up the gaming performance in a cool and quiet environment, fulfilled the hungry gamers’ demands.”

The PowerColor HD6900 series supports AMD Eyefinity Technology, enabling expandable view across up to 4 displays to deliver the lifelike gaming experience and enhance the productivity. Also, with the support of DirectX 11 technology, the HD 6900 series allows ultra-realistic effects and lightning fast frame rates for the ultimate HD gaming experience.
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2 Comments on PowerColor Announces Custom-Design Radeon HD 6970, HD 6950 Graphics Cards

Hmmmm... stock clocks on 1st custom 69xx variants... looks like Cayman has been taken very nearly as far as it'll go by AMD already :o(.

Hope '6950' in the pic can 'unlock' though :oP, that would do me just fine.
Near gtx580 perfomance (£400) for just over £200... yeah nVidia biatch!, you like that??!!!!
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Bird of Prey
Would be nice to have them back up to 1ghz core clocks.
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