Monday, January 10th 2011

Intel LGA2011 Socket, X68 Express Chipset Pictured

Here are the first pictures of Intel's new high-end CPU socket, the 2011-pin land grid array (LGA2011). A selection of pictures of an unannounced motherboard by MSI made it to the internet. LGA2011, coupled with a new chipset, the Intel X68 Express, will drive the company's new high-end and enthusiast-grade processors that feature 6, 8, or 12 cores, and quad-channel DDR3 memory controllers. At first sight, the LGA2011 is huge! Its retention clip looks to be completely detachable by unhooking the retention bars on either sides. With all LGA sockets till date, you needed to unhook one retention bar, letting you open the retention clip along a hinge.

Since the processor has four DDR3 memory channels, there's room for only one DIMM per channel on a typically-sized ATX motherboard. On this particular motherboard, we can make out that there are two DIMM slots on either sides of the socket, accommodating two channels each. With this platform, Intel transferred the northbridge component completely to the CPU package, much like LGA1156/LGA1155. Therefore, the 32-lane PCI-Express controller is housed inside the CPU package. What remains of the chipset is a PCH (platform controller hub). Like P55/H55/P67/H67, the X68 is a PCH, a glorified southbridge. It will house a smaller PCI-E hub that handles various connectivity devices, a storage controller, a LPCIO controller, USB and HDA controllers, and the DMI link to the processor. We will get to know more about this platform as the year progresses.

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Hey Guys, I was planning and really getting excited to get my hands on a 2600k (3.4Ghz) €270, asus mobo maximus 4 extreme €320, corsair 8gb 2000mhz XMS dual kit (x2 for 16gb) €135x2=€270, MSI Twinfrozr2/OC N580 GTX €450, and an prolimatech CPU cooler Armaggeddon €60 and sum basic things
(All are local retail prices, and it appeals to me)

since I probably couldn't stand to wait till LGA 2011 to be released, this would rock my world :rockout: with still lots of OC capabilities if would hit any restrictions :banghead:
(I read sum peeps got it over 5ghz on stock cooler, upto 7ghz just on air, amazing)

While I'm saving up to get the whole thing in one buy, LGA 2011 rumors/specs/leaks keeps haunting me, like what if I regret not waiting for it and wasted my money :eek:
just my personal bkg I wanted to share here, any feedback will be welcome

so now on topic, LGA 2011 what I read up so far
Socket 2011 uses QPI to connect the CPU to either additional CPUs in a dual socket system, or to add-in chipsets. The CPU will handle northbridge functions, such as memory control, PCIe control, DMI, FDI, and other functions integrated on chip.

This socket is expected to be released alongside Sandy Bridge-EX in Q3 2011, and will support 4 memory channels as well as 32× PCIe 3.0 lanes from the CPU, the socket will measure 58.5mm × 51mm, and is backwards compatible with LGA 1366 cooling solutions.

and about pricing, a few months back I've read an article on intel stating that the max price they'll ask for a single cpu will be roofed @ $999 upon release, as they've done in the past.
so thats a relief :D

and according to a chipset info leaked on guru3d march 31, it's an intel x79 express chipset featuring 8 pcie 2.0 lanes @5GT/s, 14 Sata connections 10 of which are 6gb/s, 14usb 2.0.
which is a lil strange since it was supposed to cum with pcie 3.0 's, also the mobo max 4 extreme I mentioned above are all usb 3.0, so why the hell would they implement usb2.0 on new boards? it should be standard by Q3 2011 lol, or is it that asus is ahead of its game :D

I guess i'll save up and wait a lil longer to see if it really makes all that difference, and if it doesn't I can always buy the rig I mentioned above, which will be considerbly dropped in price by then :D

thnx 4 readin, sharing is caring, cheers m8s :toast:
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