Thursday, February 3rd 2011

Buffalo Intros Portable HDD with Antivirus and Encryption

Buffalo Technology rolled out the HDS-PXVU2 line of portable hard drives. Available in 320 GB, 500 GB, and 1 TB capacities, the HDS-PXVU2 offers built-in Trend Micro antivirus protection that keeps viruses and malware off its file-system. It also features a data-encryption software to protect confidential data. To protect the drive itself, a 16-point shock-absorbing mechanism is in place. The drive measures 90 x 20 x 134 mm, weighing 300g. It connects to the PC over USB 2.0, the cable is wound around the drive. An automatic data sync/backup software, along with the ecoManager power-saving software is also bundled. The 320 GB, 500 GB, and 1 TB variants are priced at ¥15,700 (US $192); ¥20,000 ($245); and ¥28,500 ($349), respectively.
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4 Comments on Buffalo Intros Portable HDD with Antivirus and Encryption

That seems pricey for what can be done with free software.
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Trend Micro? o dear....
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antivirus on a hard drive is a pretty bad idea, because they need to go online to get the definition updates - its not like you make sure its up to date prior to connecting it to a new machine. (and if it stays on the one machine, why not just use a regular AV?)
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well here you go trends AV review

personally I think AV on an portable HDD is rather stupid they're already slow do we really need something new to slow it down even more.. Considering I can get a 1TB WD portable HDD here for $99 I don't think trend is worth the extra money and :wtf: USB2 :shadedshu get with the times Buffalo USB3 or eSATA please
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