Wednesday, April 6th 2011

HighPoint RocketHybrid HBAs Start Shipping

Now-shipping to retailers worldwide: HighPoint RocketHybrid HBA’s – delivering cost-effective, high-speed hybrid storage for gamers, media professionals and PC-enthusiasts. RocketHybrid HBA’s are cutting-edge PCI-Express 2.0, SATA 6Gb’s Host Adapters, powered by Marvell’s revolutionary HyperDuo technology.

The performance benefits of SSD’s over conventional HDD’s are enticing to all, but their high cost of entry and low storage capacity keep many potential customers away. Hybrid storage resolves this dilemma – with RocketHybrid HBA’s, you can combine inexpensive SATA hard disks with fast SSD’s, into a high-performance and high-capacity storage solution. RocketHybrid HBA’s remove the dollar-per-gigabyte barriers imposed by today’s high-capacity SSD’s.
Windows operating systems will recognize hybrid storage disks as ordinary, single drives – they are simple to configure and can be used immediately.

Speed + Capacity
Powered by Marvell’s HyperDuo technology, hybrid drives offer 80% of the SSD’s speed, and 100% of the HDD’s capacity. Combine a small, cost-effective SSD with a large, cheap HDD to maximum effect – SSD levels of performance, and the storage space of both devices.

With RocketHybrid HBA’s, Speed and Capacity are no longer mutually exclusive. You can have it both ways, and without breaking the bank.

Availability and Pricing
HighPoint RocketHybrid HBA’s are available immediately, from a world-wide network of Distribution and Reseller channels.

MSRP: $59.99

Distribution Channels: ASI, DH, MaLabs
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This would be interesting but they offer little explanation on how it works. Does it optimise based off layout.ini and the prefetch folder?
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2TB drive + 128GB SSD + this card = something awesome! :D
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Definitely got my eye on this but need more infos. I guess Ill start by reading that PDF. :p
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I prefer to keep my OS and data on separate drives. great innovation though...
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MSRP $59.99 my butt. Just logged into my D&H account, the model 1220 (2 internal SATA) and the model 1222 (2 external eSATA) both show $52.84 before shipping. Little to no profit to be made at that MSRP level. Some of the locations will get the card in stock supposedly today/tomorrow. Link to HighPoints site with more info to download:
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Wile E
Power User
I want to see some reviews and also want an explanation on how exactly this works.
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Wile E said:
I want to see some reviews and also want an explanation on how exactly this works.
logical volume management.
you place that folder on that storage solution and those on the other.

They appear as one harddrive for the operating system, but behaves like two on low level operations.

You can do the same with linux, EVMS, LVM etc, i've done it :) just not ssd+hdd, but hdd and hdd and selected where stuff goes, you ofc pick stuff by I/o..
Funny, I bought 1tb drives and they are used like 100 gb of due to I/o constraints(raided ofc, so for raid 5 3x1tb i'd use 250-350gb), next upgrade will be 4x 160gb ssd to replace one of my luns.

Havent seen anything like it for windows, maybe i havent looked :P
but highpoint is highly software based solutions which I don't really like very much, atleast for raid, we'll see if you loose everything when windows crashes with this card :P
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I'd love to see one of these reviewed. Not that I have a spare slot for one, but hey.
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Now I have had a read of their site - not any wiser:confused:

It seems they are using layout.ini to get the boot times spot on to SSD speeds but I cannot beleive the sequential read and write stuff - unless it is a tes previously run on that system and listed in the fetch file system. If so, more RAM will do better. I can't see how it can work for any file.
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