Thursday, April 28th 2011

HIS Intros HD 6770 and HD 6750 Fan Graphics Cards

TODAY HIS launches the HIS 6770 & 6750 Fan 1GB GDDR5, delivering a stunning HD gaming and computing experience with complete DirectX 11 support and a broad array of advanced graphics, display and memory technologies.

Loaded with core speed at 700MHz and memory speed at 4,600MHz, the HIS 6750 transfers serious high-definition gaming frame rates. The HIS 6770 supplies the same 1GB GDDR5 but a higher core clock at 850MHz and memory clock at 4,800MHz, fulfilling the needs of our Power Gamers who desire an incredible gaming experience on the latest and most demanding titles.
The Three Pillars
  • AMD Eyefinity Technology - Feel truly in the game with AMD Eyefinity technology, an immersive experience that expands your game across up to five displays. Welcome to surround sight.
  • DirectX 11 Evolved Technology - Play the latest DirectX 11 games in amazing detail with AMD Radeon HD 6700 Graphics. With winning performance, advanced technologies and full DirectX 11 support, you’re ready to dominate the competition.
  • AMD App Acceleration Technology- Get more from your system than incredible gaming. Unleash even the most demanding applications and tap into stunning video quality with AMD App Acceleration.
For more information, visit the product pages of HD 6770 Fan and HD 6750 Fan.
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4 Comments on HIS Intros HD 6770 and HD 6750 Fan Graphics Cards

News Editor
I was hoping to see HD6770 take HD5770 to 1GHz.
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Considering it's the very same core and power regulation, I really doubt that.
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Can anyone tell me that difference between full directx 11 support in HD 6770 and 6750 between only directx 11 support(not full directx 11 like 6770 & 6750) in Radeon HD 5000 series.. Bcs in AMD website none of higher end 5000 series says about full hd support. Only 6770 & 6750 and upper version support full directx 11. Is there any differences between full directx 11 support vs. only directx 11 in 5000 series.
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If I recall correctly, there is no such thing as partial DirectX support, only OpenGL. It either has support for up to a DX version (in this case, version 11) or it doesn't. I say marketing BS or bad description.
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