Tuesday, May 31st 2011

Xigmatek Displays 80 Plus Platinum 1450W Goliath PSU

An 80 Plus Platinum-compliant 1450W PSU? No, we're sober. Xigmatek is flexing its engineering muscle in the PSU department with a semi-modular PSU that has both high-power and high-efficiency. The Goliath GP-1451 from Xigmatek gives you all the connectors you'll ever need, and with 1450W, enough power for 4-way SLI, 4-way CrossFireX, dual-socket systems. What's to not to like? The Goliath uses an asymmetric double 12V rail design, the first rail can deliver 55A, and the second 75A. Apart from 24-pin ATX and EPS connectors, most connectors are detachable to improve cable management. The beast is cooled by a 130 mm fan.
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9 Comments on Xigmatek Displays 80 Plus Platinum 1450W Goliath PSU

This looks like it should be a pretty good PSU.
btarunr said:
the first rail is can deliver 55A
:p BTW, very minor nitpick, but I think "What's not to like?" sounds better than "What's to not like?"
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So it seems like platinum supplies are going to start rolling in at the top end from everyone in about a year. What's the next mile stone going to be? There isn't a rating above platinum yet is there? Palladium? Diamond? Tacos? I think they should just move the scale up from 80 plus to 90 plus; starting the color grading over.
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in dota they say

I would say this is

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hmm... i'm gonna have to run new lines in the walls of my home before i can use that thing... (15A lines suck)
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A lot of times there are sacrifices made for the sake of efficiency. Namely voltage regulation. Some high wattage units can keep +12V regulation within 1% (Antec HCP1200 and Corsair AX1200) while some can't (Enermax MaxRevo 1350W). I wonder where this HEC built Xigmatek will fall.
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Platinum? I'm waiting for diamond 100% efficiency.!! haha

Anyway i guess its good we are seeing a bigger range of quality PSUs
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Will need one of these for my ASUS MARS II:D
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