Wednesday, August 17th 2011

AMD Catalyst 11.8 WHQL Driver Suite Released

AMD today rolled out this month's major Catalyst software suite release, Catalyst 11.8 WHQL. The software provides the latest WHQL-signed drivers for AMD Radeon GPUs, AMD accelerated processing units (APUs), and AMD chipsets with integrated graphics. This release sees the fusion of AMD Overdrive System (CPU) with GPU overdrive. Both AMD processors and Radeon GPUs can be tweaked using a single application in the Vision Control Center. CPU Overclocking in Vision Center, however, is only supported on Black Edition processor models.

In the GPU driver front, Catalyst 11.8 brings a few major performance improvements, including a 10% performance improvement for Crysis 2 DirectX 11, for both non-Anti-Aliasing, and application enabled Anti-Aliasing modes; 8% performance boosts in FEAR 3 DirectX 11 with application enabled Anti-Aliasing; and a significant 20% boost in Call of Duty Black Ops for single and multi-GPU setups. AMD has redesigned Morphological Anti Aliasing (MLAA) code to boost performance of all applications with MLAA enabled, by up to 30%.

DOWNLOAD: AMD Catalyst 11.8 WHQL
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29 Comments on AMD Catalyst 11.8 WHQL Driver Suite Released

Been running this driver for a few days now and as far as I'm concerned it is by far the best Catalyst release in a while. All games are running very smooth and I have seen performance increases (although minimal) here and there which is just great considering I'm running ye olde HD 5770. Image quality is good and I have not come across any weird glitches/problems yet.

I'll soon be adding a second HD 5770 so will be interesting to see how this driver handles crossfire. Well done AMD :)
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Has anyone tested MLAA performance in Cat 11.7 and Cat 11.8 to check if MLAA performance gains are really around up to 30% ?
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11.8 causes BC2 MP to freeze for ~ 10 seconds when I first join a new server. Did previous driver versions do this as well?
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SK-1 that I've had some time with em... the 11.8 work great in BC2 for me...Everything seems very "crisp" and great frames...
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