Wednesday, September 28th 2011

Prolimatech Announces Panther CPU Cooler

Prolimatech presents the Panther, their newest CPU cooler aimed to take the mid-range by storm, while featuring the same excellent quality as all products from Prolimatech. Besides the mounting for all modern AMD and Intel based systems, the Panther CPU cooler also includes a 120 mm fan with PWM functionality. This complete package manages to impress with an excellent price/performance ratio.

Prolimatech has set the bar with the high-end Genesis cooler, so it is only natural that the company takes their experience and engineering capabilities and develop the Panther, a potent solution for the mainstream market. The Panther utilizes less material in the most efficient manner possible, keeping a maximum of surface area while offering compact dimensions. It is also the first CPU cooler from Prolimatech which ships with a fan.
Prolimatech has taken its inspiration for this new cooler from the Armageddon, which results in the same excellent performance at a brand new price point. Both feature the same heatpipe shape, with the only difference being the number of such element as the Panther offers four 6 mm pipes.

In terms of construction, the cooler makes no compromises and offers the same level of quality as one has come to expect from Prolimatech. High quality Nickel plating has been applied to the entire cooler which does not only protect the unit but also results in a great look and feel. On top of that, the crossed fins increase the robustness of the Panther cooler.

The sophistication of this construction also shows in the shape of the heatpipes. These end in a row next to each other, so that each of them has unrestricted access to the fresh airflow of the included fan. This maximizes the efficiency of the Panther CPU cooler, while keeping the dimensions to a minimum.

The 120 mm fan with PWM connector can be controlled automatically by every modern mainboard in the market to keep the noise to a bare minimum. This cooling unit also features transparent red blades along with red LEDs. Prolimatech has also included a second set of clips, allowing the installation of another such fan for a push/pull configuration, further raising the performance bar on this cooler. Also part of the package is the award winning PK-1 thermal past and the very sturdy mounting kit with backplate for Socket 1155, 1156, AM2, AM2+ and AM3.

The Prolimatech Panther CPU cooler is available immediately for a price of 39.90 Euro on
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8 Comments on Prolimatech Announces Panther CPU Cooler

More metal tower coolers. At least make it so the heatpipes have direct contact with the cpu.
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Wow really good pricing on this thing!
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~Technological Technocrat~
More metal tower coolers. At least make it so the heatpipes have direct contact with the cpu.
the whole DHT system is so yesterday. I think DHT is more suitable for graphic cards and Sapphire use the design for many of their cards but you usually cant see them as they are covered by the shroud.

some of the best CPU coolers today dont have DHT and compared to all the names that were pushing DHT as the next big thing in cooler technology back in the C2D and C2Q days IMO it turned out to be more of a gimmick.

Sure it had its uses and some actually worked. but a flat base works better as it makes more contact with the CPU.
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looks pretty nice and metal full
just hope the performance is good
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I wonder who the OEM is for the fan.

Here in the states at least, the contender to beat with a 4-heatpipe 120mm tower is the 212+. This is significantly more expensive. Doubt it'll do well
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I don't think this cooler has enough nickel plating ;)
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Looks like it might work well with taller ram...
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i don't like it .. its similar to cooler master 212 ..
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