Monday, November 14th 2011

Avexir Core Series DDR3 Memory with Blue LEDs Released

Memory is one of the necessary components with the PC. To enhance the look of these, most high performance modules are covered by fancy heatspreaders. Avexir takes things a step further by adding blue, pulsating LEDs to the mix on their Core Series memory.

As a customer-oriented brand, Avexir Technologies Corporation always tries to listen to the wishes of the growing fan base, taking their suggestions seriously. From the affordable Budget to the Standard Series, along to the high-end offerings like the Blitz family for the enthusiast gamer, Avexir aims to deliver a diverse line-up for ever customer.
The new Core Series already managed to turn heads at the last Computex in Taipei. With the blue LEDs, the memory presents a refreshing change in the way we view these in a system, aiming to awe and inspire case-modders, price conscious hardware enthusiast as well as overclockers.

The black heatspreaders of the Core series bring out the best in the blue LEDs, which has been placed directly unto the PCB of the memory. To really bring out the best in the visuals, the heatspreader is shaped in such a way to light up the company logo at the top, adding a further visual element to the system. On top of that, Avexir has chosen to use black PCB, further adding the great look and feel of the Core Series modules.

At first the Avexir Core Series will be available in four variants exclusively at Caseking: at speeds of 1333 and 1600 MHz with either 2 or 4 GB as separate modules or in dual and triple-channel kits, resulting in up to 8 or 12 GB capacities for such configurations.

The Avexir Core Series memory is available immediately, starting at 27.90 Euro exclusively at
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That's pretty cool. Not for me, but still cool.
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not overly tacky, nice.
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That's some fancy-pants RAM there.. But I'll stick with my Vengeance RAM for now. :)
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But it wont be brought out as a QUAD channel kit, interesting....
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Pff. I used to have Corsair DDR1 that had about 16 LEDs on the top of the heatspreader showing mem usage and activity in different colours. Whatever happened to those, eh?
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My name is Dave
Corsair now has the "AirFlow Pro Parametric Display" that works with select Dominator modules.
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Never heard of Avexir before. Any opinions regarding the quality/stability?
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~Technological Technocrat~
Isnt a 'Tannhauser' supposed to be some sort of laser cannon?
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I'm the only one
That's actually pretty nice looking. Red though please.
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